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5 Videos to Help You Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

I know we’re all feeling anxious and scared with all that is going on in the world right now related to the Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s surreal, I know! But can you imagine what the kids must be feeling? Their little worlds have been literally turned upside down. Schools are closed, they miss interacting with peers, and can no longer play at the playground like they used. Parents are working from home and families are practicing social distancing. Life is so different right now.

My own little kid asked me the other day if she could go back to school now. It’s hard! She misses her teacher and friends terribly! Of course, I reassured her that this was only temporary. That for now we had to continue staying home and spending a little more time having fun together, while making sure to stay healthy. Have your kids been asking questions? 

Did you talk to your kids about coronavirus yet?

Do your kids have questions? These resources will help you talk to kids about #coronavirus #coronaviruswithkids

Last week, when we found out that schools closed in NYC, we sat the entire family down for a family meeting and explained what our next few weeks together would look like and why. We explained the coronavirus (with the help of some of the great videos I’ve listed below). We answered questions and talked about the importance of staying healthy, washing hands, and all the reasons why we’re practicing social distancing. We even planned out how we would be spending our time together at home. We created a list of things we would do each day, including Remote Learning, daily chores, and family fun activities (movies to watch, board games to play, recipes to try, etc.). This little talk has really made things so much easier on all of us, especially the kids! 

Below are resources, videos, and articles that can help you talk to your kids about coronavirus. 

Videos To Help You Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

BrainPop Video about Coronavirus – It can be scary to hear about a disease outbreak, but learning the facts can help ease kids’ mind. 

Answering Kids’ Questions About Coronavirus – This video from Children’s Hospital Colorado answers the questions of a curious 9-year-old about illness like COVID-19, and the condition caused by the novel Coronavirus.

5 Facts Every Kid Should Know About the Coronavirus – Science Mom talks to kids about the COVID-19 and other viruses in a kid-friendly way. She explains some of the things kids can do to stay healthy and you can get her printout for the handwashing song here

These resources will help you talk to kids about coronavirus

Dr. Panda TotoTime Video – This is a great video for the younger kids. In this episode little kids will learn about the novel coronavirus and the good habits to adopt to protect themselves from it.

StoryBots What is a Virus Song – A fun video and song by the beloved little bots your kids probably already love. This video explain what is a virus and how our bodies use the immune system to keep us protected. 

Tips to Help Parents Talk About Coronavirus

I’ve also gathered some helpful articles and trust-worthy resources from around the web that can help you talk to kids about coronavirus.

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These resources will help you talk to kids about coronavirus

More Resources to Help You Get Through Coronavirus With Kids

Here’s a great comic to share with kids when talking about Coronavirus — Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

For the youngest kids, here’s a fun Daniel Tiger video to help them get rid of the germs and stay healthy. 

These resources will help you talk to kids about coronavirus

And while you’re all home, below I’ve listed some of our top posts featuring favorite educational apps, websites, books, and more that your kids will love! Just click each link to learn more.

Stay well!

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Do your kids have questions? These resources will help you talk to kids about #coronavirus #coronaviruswithkids
Do your kids have questions? These resources will help you talk to kids about #coronavirus #coronaviruswithkids

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