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8 Educational Websites for Summer Learning FUN

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Now you may be asking yourself, but how do I keep them learning through the summer? One way you can do this is through online education. It’s no secret that today’s kids love technology and they’re so tech-savvy too! So why not go ahead and engage them in learning through the 8 Educational Websites I’m about to share with you today. They’re not only guaranteed to keep them learning this summer, but they’ll also make learning FUN!

Why Summer Learning?

It’s important that we start thinking about how we’ll engage our little ones in learning this summer. As excited as they are about the carefree days of summer, it’s still important to remember that learning cannot cease to exist once school lets out. It would be a huge disservice to our kids!

Studies have shown that students exhibit an academic regression, known as the “summer slide” during the summer months when they are not attending school. During this time, students may fall back or regress the equivalent of two school months (or more). Studies have also shown that this is less likely to happen to students who are occupied in summer learning, making them more likely to retain the academic progress made during the previous school year. If you want to find out more about what research tells us about summer learning and ‘What Happens to Children During the Summer’ click here. Get informed so you can help your kids avoid the “summer slide”!

Great Resouces for Summer Learning

As a parent, I think you’ll find my list of educational websites useful in supporting your child’s learning throughout the summer, and beyond.  Just remember, learning isn’t over once schools out! Make it FUN and your kids will never even realize that you’re helping them prepare for the coming school year.

And if you’re a teacher, these are also great websites for you to recommend to the families of the little learners that you teach!

Don’t forget to pin the infographic below to your favorite educational Pinterest board so that you’ll have these educational websites handy this summer! Then read on to learn more details about each of my favorite educational websites for summer learning FUN.

And by the way, these are all websites I myself have used in the classroom and now continue to use with my own kids at home. Enjoy!

EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES FOR SUMMER LEARNING FUN - Avoid the 'summer slide' with these fun educational websites - infographic included

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8 Educational Websites for FUN Summer Learning

MoreStarfall.com – A continuation to Starfall.com. This website offers even MORE targeted learning activities, games, and books for the school-aged learner. This website offers so much FUN that the $35 yearly subscription fee is well worth it!

Storybots.com –  For a $4.99 monthly fee, $19.99 for a yearly membership or $36 for a lifetime membership, you can get unlimited access to all books, videos, games and more on StoryBots.com, as well as on the StoryBots apps available for iPhone and iPad. The StoryBots robots star in an extensive variety of FUN videos that your kids will absolutely LOVE, from ABCs to topics in math, science and everything in between. Kids can also become the star of their own books and videos. Great for kids of all ages and well worth the money!

StorylineOnline.net – Here you’ll find video read alouds of all-time favorite children’s books read by a variety of favorite celebrities. Great for both readers and non-readers and FREE!

Cookie.com – This website offers a variety of FREE educational videos, games, stories, worksheets, arts and crafts and more for pre-schoolers and kids through age 7.

CoolMath4Kids.com – Cool math 4 kids is an amusement park of math, games and more for school-aged kids – specially designed for FUN and it’s FREE!

ABCYa.com – This website is FREE and offers tons of FUN educational games for kids in grades K through 5th Grade. Math, Science, Social Studies and Literacy topics included.

I love everything about PBSKids.org but below are three of their sites that I love most for young learners.

Between the Lions @ PBSKids.org – This website offers FREE early learning activities, videos, and games that will make your young readers wild about reading. Featuring the beloved lions of this popular PBS Kids series, it will have your kids roaring for more!

Word World @PBSKids.org – Lots of FREE and FUN literacy activities and videos based on the popular Word World cartoon series. FREE

Super Why @ PBSKids.org – Another favorite cartoon series that fosters a love of literacy. This website offers tons of FUN games and videos that your little readers will love! FREE

ABC Mouse – This FUN learning website is geared towards kids age 2 through 7. Take a virtual field trip to the Zoo or Farm. Read books about science, math, social studies and more. Practice literacy skills and so much more! Also included is a step by step learning path where kids complete six levels containing over 450 lessons and more than 5,000 individual learning activities. Try it FREE for the first month and pay only $9.95 per month after that. Your kiddies will love this site!
Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

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Do you have your own list of educational websites that your kids love? We would love to hear about them!  Please share them in the comments section. 🙂

Wishing you and your kiddies a great FUN-filled summer of learning!

15 thoughts on “8 Educational Websites for Summer Learning FUN

  1. We have used a few of these not just over the Summer, but during the school year too. I find that every little bit helps if your child needs a refresher!

  2. As a former teacher I know how much learning children lose during the summer. This is a great list of learning websites! I love CoolMath4Kids! Anything that makes learning fun for kids is a win win!

  3. Oh we totally dropped the ball this summer….
    Normally the kids are doing something to help them continue learning and growing over the summer but this year we have done NOTHING. They played in the sun, went camping, ate s’mores and made a ton of memories but we totally forgot to keep them busy with online games. Oops!

    1. Hey Carrie! If you love starfall, you will love morestarfall. It gives you so much more and great for 2nd graders. I used it with my own son when he was in second grade and my second grade students couldn’t get enough of it either. Makes it so easy for them to practice skills independently while having fun!

  4. Some of these I’ve never heard of. I can’t wait to check them out with my kids. I like to keep them learning over the summer with sites like these so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Autumn, wishing you the best on back to school! We still have two more weeks before we head back to school. And btw, no need to wait till next summer. These work great during the school year too! A little extra practice never hurts. 😉

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