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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids

The holiday toy shopping season is here! Can you believe it? Back Friday came and went and some of us still have toys to buy. And little kids are often the hardest to shop for. Wouldn’t you agree? This task always keeps me running through the toy aisles trying to decide on the best toys to buy. As a toddler mom, I know that shopping for little kids can be challenging. They already have tons of toys and they can never make up their mind on which new toy they REALLY want. That’s why today I’m sharing the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids to help you choose some fun new toys that are just right for your little ones. Plus I’m sharing all the links with you so you can buy them all online, avoid the toy aisle altogether! I’m also throwing in a few cool stocking stuffer ideas + giving you a chance to enter to win some of these for your kiddo. You’re welcome and make sure to read to the end to enter our Stocking Stuffers Giveaway!


Thank you to all our great sponsors who provided us with free product samples to facilitate this holiday gift guide + a great holiday giveaway for our readers. As always, we only share what we love and think you will too! All thought and opinions are my own. Also thought I’d let you know that this post does include affiliate links. What that means is that if you make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission without it changing the price you pay. Thanks for supporting NYCTechMommy and happy holiday gift shopping!

This Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids includes all the hotest and funnest toys for your little ones + stocking stuffer ideas!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids

In this Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids you’ll find everything from adorable plushies to fun playsets, cute character-themed little kids apparel, techy toys your little kids will love and even recommendations for fun stocking stuffers. Plus there’s also one cool GIVEAWAY at the end of this post so you can win some of the fun stocking stuffers for your own little kid’s stocking.

I often make toy choices based on the things my kids are really into, for example, the shows or cartoons they love to watch. That said, all the toys you’ll find in this Ultimate Little Kid Holiday Gift Guide are based on what my littlest ones really loves and/or has been asking for. I’m sure these are also toys your own little kids would love too!

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Cars Pillow Pets

This Lightning McQueen plush version will rev any young fans imagination as a stuffed animal for creative daytime play and a pillow for sweet racing dreams. This Lightning McQueen Pillow Pet is also the perfect addition to any racing themed room. It’s a super-soft chenille plush folding stuffed animal. So cuddly your kiddos never want to put it down! I love that it starts out as your pal, then un-velcro its belly, and it quickly becomes your pillow. Perfect for traveling and long road trips too!

Lightning McQueens Pillow Pets

The Lightning McQueen Pillow Pet is a favorite at our house but your kiddos may also enjoy other Cars characters — there’s also Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Tow Mader. Pillow Pet Dream Lites are also great, especially for bedtime and they come in a variety of favorite Cars characters too! Ages 3 and up – Retail: $24.99 and up

Beat Bugs Toys and More

Are your kids obsessed with the popular Netflix original animated series Beat Bugs? Mine are! But if you haven’t heard of the Beat Bugs you should check it out on Netflix. This loveable kids series is based off songs made famous by the Beatles — which I absolutely love because my kids have been listening to the Beatles since they were born. The main characters are five friendly bugs that learn big lessons about the world around them — all from the safety of their own backyard.

Beat Bugs Toys

Any Beat Bugs loving kiddo will love singing along with the [eafl id=”7113″ name=”Beat Bugs Musical Submarine” text=”Beat Bugs Musical Submarine”]. This fun toy plays the songs Yellow Submarine, All You Need Is Love, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and lets little kids enjoy role-playing adventures with their favorite Beat Bugs friends. It includes the exclusive Jasper 3-inch Fab Figure and fits up to five Beat Bugs Fab Figures (sold separately) altogether. Ages 3 and up – Retail: $24.99 We recently unboxed the Beat Bugs Musical Submarine and if you watch you can see just how excited my toddler was about this fun toy!

In addition to the Beat Bugs Musical Submarine, you can add to the fun by purchasing additional [eafl id=”7111″ name=”Beat Bugs Fab Friends” text=”Fab Friends”]. Adventure awaits with these colorful 3-inch scale bug figures. Each figure is designed with fine detail and articulated for posing, storytelling, and other creative play. Ages 3 and up – Retail: $17.99

Beat Bugs Fab Friends

And if your kiddos are really into Beat Bugs you may also want to check out their entire line of [eafl id=”7112″ name=”Beat Bugs Apparel at Target” text=”Beat Bugs Apparel at Target”]. You’ll find everything from activewear to PJs, and an adorable selection of cute little dresses, all featuring favorite Beat Bug characters.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

“Paw patrol, paw patrol, will be there on the double.” Doesn’t your toddler run around the house singing that tune? Mine does! That’s why I thought this would be the perfect toy — with an amazing sea-to-land transformation, the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller is prepared for wherever the rescue leads. It’s equipped with a boat-load of features including lights and sounds, a working crane, a life-saver launcher, and storage for basic vehicles. It comes with an exclusive Ryder figure and his ATV, an exploration cage, and a baby octopus.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Toy

Little kids will love getting in on the action as they help Ryder save Baby Octopus by jumping aboard the [eafl id=”7119″ name=”Paw Patroller Sea Patroller” text=”Paw Patrol Sea Patroller”]. No wonder it’s nominated for a Toy of the Year Award — that’s like the “Oscars” of the toy industry. This is one cool boat that transforms into a land vehicle and can easily tackle the rockiest of roads. Just slide the bridge forward and the wheels drown so you can drive it over any terrain. Ages 3 and up – Retails: $59.99

What’s really cool is that there’s even a helipad for Skye to land her High Flyin’ Copter. The helicopter isn’t included but it would make a great addition if you wanted to add a little extra to this gift for your little kid.

Teletubbies Talking Plush

Did you know that this year the Teletubbies celebrated their 20th Anniversary? Hard to believe that it’s already been 20 years since these huggable, lovable Tubbies made their first appearance.

Teletubbies DVDs Little kids today love Teletubbies as much as little ones did 20 years ago. The only difference is that today’s Tubbies have been reimagined and designed to appeal to today’s tech-savvy toddlers. New episodes in the Teletubbies series present relatable storylines and new techy features like Touch-Screen Tummies and a Tubby Phone smartphone. The new exciting line of DVDs is sure to keep little kids entertained! The new Teletubbies DVDs — [eafl id=”7121″ name=”Bubbles Teletubbies Link” text=”Bubbles”], [eafl id=”7122″ name=”Twinkle Twinkle Teletubbies” text=”Twinkle Twinkle”], Big Hugs, [eafl id=”7123″ name=”Snowball Teletubbies” text=”Snowball”] — all feature six new episodes, plus fun bonus content, that little kids and families can enjoy together. These DVDs make great gifts and stocking suffers too (see the list at the end of this post for even more Stocking Stuffers Ideas). Agest 3 and up – Retail: $9.99 Little kids love Teletubbies and that’s why they’ll also love these adorable Teletubbies plush toys! These 8″ Talking Plush toys help kids act out their favorite scenes. They’re available in all four characters — Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po. These cuddly, plush toys have built-in audio clips, music, and interactive features. Just press their tummies to hear them talk! Ages 18 months and up – Retail:$14.99 Teletubbies Plush

Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower

We love [eafl id=”7127″ name=”Kinetic Sand” text=”Kinetic Sand”]! Did you know that it’s the #1 sand brand globally? Kinetic Sand is the original squeezable sand little kids can’t put down. I love how it stimulates creativity and imagination, allowing kids to mold it and shape it to create incredible sand art over and over. What’s also great is that Kinetic Sand never dries out and it sticks to itself, not kids, for long-lasting play with easy cleanup. We recently discovered that Kinetic Sand now makes play sets like this magical [eafl id=”7128″ name=”Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower” text=”Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower”]. Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower My kids love molding their own magical characters out of Kinetic Sand. And it’s so easy! Just place sand into the top of the tower, turn the handle and the character is magically created. Unicorns, dragons, and treasures are all possible. A princess and knight mold are included, along with a working catapult for endless mystical fun! Ages 3 and up – Retail: $19.99

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven

My little one loves cooking up some fun with the [eafl id=”7131″ name=”Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven” text=”Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven”]! Whether it’s Play-Doh pizza or whacky strawberry cupcakes, little kids can press out their favorite dishes with all the play food attachments included in this playset. They can then top off their culinary creations with pretend toppings and side dishes using the included half molds. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven What’s really cool is that this electronic little oven has real red and white lights that pretend to ‘cook’ your little ones favorite dishes before the oven dings when it’s done! Included is the electronic oven, five play food attachments, accessories, and six cans of PLAY-DOH. Ages 3 and up – Retail: $24.99


LEGO DUPLO is another favorite at our house! And since little kids are always eager to explore the world around them I thought the [eafl id=”7133″ name=”LEGO DUPLO My Town” text=”LEGO DUPLO My Town”] would be the perfect way to play out real-life scenarios. Toddlers will love showing you their preschool day with this colorful DUPLO set, from playtime on the mat, lunch, and toileting routines to tidy-up time. This is a great playset to help reinforce your little kid’s learning and encourage early role-play skills.  LEGO DUPLO My Town Preschool Set The LEGO DUPLO My Town Preschool set includes three DUPLO figures — a preschool teacher and two children. Also features a preschool building with an opening door, shelf, opening drawers and a toilet area with washbasin. It includes bricks decorated with numbers 1 to 3, a book, sandwiches, child’s drawing, toilet paper, hand soap, and a preschool sign as story starters. Accessory elements include a fabric play mat, two chairs, cup, and a jug. What’s also nice is that you can play with the characters, accessories and decorated bricks to help your toddler learn 1-2-3 or practice key routines as they play. Let your little one show you their favorite part of the preschool day—there’s so much to explore in this exciting set! Ages 2 to 5 – Retail: $19.99 This fun set is part of the My Town line of LEGO DUPLO sets that offers several fun sets to choose from. And I love that LEGO DUPLO products are specially designed to be safe and suitable for little hands. This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for little kids. For added fun, there are several other [eafl id=”7133″ name=”LEGO DUPLO My Town” text=”LEGO DUPLO My Town”] products to collect and play out your child’s everyday life in a recognizable LEGO DUPLO world. 

LEGO DUPLO blocks are just the right size for little hands. And yes, you can even find Disney LEGO DUPLO sets!

Build & Imagine Magnetic Castle Building Set

Watch your little kid become a designer, builder, and storyteller right before your eyes with this unique building set from Build & Imagine. These colorfully illustrated StoryWalls connect magnetically to build a world where dress-up characters work and play. It’s like having the fun of a dollhouse with the enrichment of a building toy. Build and Imagine Magnetic Castle StoryWalls The Magnetic Castle Building Set with Wooden Dolls is perfect for little ones with big imaginations. My daughter is at the princess stage right now so this is the perfect set for magical adventures. It’s hours of endless imaginative play! And I love how easily little kids can change things up and create a whole new adventure. Little kids can build it a new way, every time they play! Since these durable StoryWall panels connect magnetically little ones can customize their adventures by using the magnetic accessories that easily stick to the panel walls and wooden dress-up characters. Let little imaginations run wild! Little Kids can even mix and match multiple play-sets to build a larger scene for endless storytelling possibilities. These are fantastic magnetic building sets that spark storytelling and creativity. Build & Imagine StoryWall play-sets contain illustrated scenes that little kids can build, decorate, and use as a backdrop for hours of imaginative play. They’re called StoryWalls because playing with the is like building a storybook setting in 3-D and then jumping into the setting to play! Build & Imagine Castle Sets include wooden dress-up doll(s), illustrated building panels that combine magnetically to create endless combinations, and dozens of magnetic accessories to customize each scene. Little kids can easily change things up and create a whole new adventure for endless imaginative play. Ages 4 and up – Retail: $34.99 and up

Simplay3 In & Out Activity Table

The Simplay3 In & Out Activity Table is a versatile children’s activity table that extends for sand and water play, then compacts nicely for easy storage. It’s immediately apparent that this would make a great table for toddler sensory play and even for building and imaginative play. It can easily be used indoors or outdoors. Use it outside for picnics or to splash and make sand castles. Move it inside to draw, paint, or color. Two colorful side bins provide ample storage and serve as a base to support the table. For easy storage, simply slide the sides together. It’s so compact and fits perfectly in the smallest of spaces. Ages — and up – Retail: $69.99   We recently wrote a review of the Simplay3 In & Out Activity Table and also did an unboxing for it. You can view our Simplay3 In & Out Activity Table Unboxing over on our YouTube channel.

Simplay3 Play Around Kitchen and Activity Center

Simplay3 makes toys that are so perfect for little kids. That’s why I couldn’t just include one. The Play Around Kitchen and Activity Center is another great playset that encourages imaginative play. This adorable Kitchen and Activity Center not only inspires hours of imaginary culinary fun, It’s also super functional as an all-in-one activity center for little kids. It features a drop leaf table for meals, snacks, or even coloring and drawing. A play oven, stove, sink with faucet, cupboard and 18-piece cooking set are all included and will make your little kid feel like the chef of the house.

This is another playset we recently unboxed and I love because of it’s functionality and ability to easily fit into small spaces (like our tiny NYC apartment). It’s compact and can fold down to store when not in use. It’s also so much more than just a little kitchen! It can double as a table and activity center too.  That’s why I think it makes makes the perfect holiday gift not only for little kids but for parents too! Ages — and up – Retail: $89.99

Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle

What little girl doesn’t love mermaids?! My little one recently opened up this playset surprise for her birthday and it quickly became one of her favorite toys. That’s why I know it would also make a perfect holiday gift. The Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Castle is a splashtastic castle that features discovery, adventure, and an adorable Mermaid Pearl figurine. Little kids will love to play with the sandcastle, dance with Pearl and her sea friends, the seahorse and dolphin, or pretend to play dress up at the vanity. Go Go Smart Friends Pearl Place Pearl on any of the three MagicPoint® locations to hear playful phrases and sounds. The playset comes with two sides of fun with a swing to push, a crab to slide to see Pearl and friends dance and swim, a carousel to press and release, and a slide to go down. Get ready to dive into imagination and discovery with this fun little playset from Vtech! Ages 1½  to 5 years – Retail: $39.99 Of course you know we love techy toys. So here I’ve included a few of those toys too. I know that my little kid is more likely to play with a toy again and again when she can interact with it in different ways. 

Hatchimals Glittering Garden

Here’s another fun toy baby girl got to unwrap for her birthday. It was a huge hit with her so I know it will be a huge hit with your little kids too! Hatchimals Glittering Garden is one of the newest hatch batch straight out of Hatchtopia! Whose insiders a surprise! Each sparkling Hatchimal egg contains one of two interactive toys, each with twinkling wings and soft, shimmering fur. What’s cute is that little kids begin to love and care for their little Hatchimal while it’s still inside the egg. Even inside it’s egg, it’s eyes will light up as it makes cute sounds that tell how it’s feeling! Once little ones have played with the egg enough, they’ll see rainbow eyes shinning through the egg shell. That means it’s time to hatch! Hatchimals can’t hatch on their own. They’ll need a little touch to encourage them to peck their way out of the egg! Just imagine the excitement on your little kid’s face! It’s amazing to watch them hatch these interactive little pets. And once hatched, little kids get to raise their glittering Hatchimal through 3 stages, from baby to toddler, to kid. My little girl has really enjoyed raising her [eafl id=”7163″ name=”Sparkling Penguala – Hatchimals Glittering Garden” text=”Sparkling Penguala”]. Hatchimals Glittering Garden This adorable Hatchimal even sings Hatchy Birthday each time it enters a new stage! My daughter loves to sing along since Happy Birthday is her favorite song. Kids can teach their Hatchimal to walk, dance, play games and more! All instructions on how to do it are included. We love Hatchimals Glittering Garden — Who Will You Hatch? Ages 5 and up – Retail: $59.99

ZURU Hamsters in a House

Like mine, maybe your little kid has been asking for a pet of their very own. Luckily I found the perfect solution to getting her a live pet. ZURU Hamsters in a House are perfect! These Adorable hamsters come alive and are full of surprises. Little kids can watch them as they buzz, scoot, scurry and zoom! What’s also fun is that there is so much to do in the world of Hamster in a House! You never know what they’ll do in their ever-growing world — so really it’s pretty much like having that pet she’s been asking for without all the care of a real live pet. #Momwin

Check out the newly released Hamsters in a House Food Frenzy Play sets. Little kids will love collecting them all. Hamsters in a House have multiple play sets and tracks that little kids can connect together for endless combinations and hours of fun.

Best toys for little kids - gift guide featuring Hamsters in a House

Original play sets and the new Food Frenzy play sets work together so you can keep adding to your growing collection! These are great gifts for little kids that love imaginative play, collectible toys, mini toys, and/or food! Also the mini hamsters are so cute and fun, little kids will have so much fun collecting them all! There are 11 new hamsters to collect in the Hamsters in the House Food Frenzy toy collection.

Hampters in a House - Collect them all!

Find these adorable little pets at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon. Ages 4 and up – Retail: $5.99 and up

Step & Learn Scout

My little kids have grown up on Leap Frog toys! You can probably relate. I love Leap Frog because they’re not only some of the funnest toys for little kids but so also educational too. Now even the littlest kids can learn while taking a walk with Step & Learn Scout. It’s always fun to learn letters and counting with Scout!  Step and Learn Scout Kids will love watching as Scout energetically moves his head, legs and tail while he happily sings educational songs. Little Kids can play in three different modes that include letters and numbers, or choose Fun with Scout mode to see animations on Scout’s backpack. Little kids can also play the game What’s in My Backpack, and explore letters and numbers as Scout tells them about everything in his backpack. What’s even more adorable is that if your little one take good care of Scout this cute interactive puppy will ask for kisses! Too cute! Ages 1 and up – Retail: $19.99

Fisher Price Learning Tablet Powered by nabi

Fisher Price is another big learning toy brand at our house. The Fisher-Price Learning Tablet delivers a truly unique and engaging learning tool for little kids. This fun little tablet comes loaded with dozens of Storybook Rhymes and videos featuring popular Fisher-Price friends like the lovable pups Eddie and Sophie. And it comes preloaded with 35 Fisher-Price apps and games that introduce letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. There’s even a wide variety of Little People videos included. My toddler loves Little People and has really enjoyed watching the videos while playing with her favorite toys. Fisher Price Tablet powered by nabi

Fisher Price Tablet by nabi The Fisher-Price Learning Tablet is also equipped with nabi’s Wings learning System, which includes Pre-k and Kindergarten lessons designed for skill-set mastery, building confidence and a passion for learning. Best part is that it’s included at no additional charge. This full-featured Android tablet also comes with Google Play and 400 features dedicated to kid-focused experiences A suite of parental controls and animated Time Controls delivers peace of mind for parents. But one of my favorite features has to be the blue rubber bumper that covers this tablet. Also great is it’s removable hard cover that can pop off the back of the tablet and attach to the front for added screen protection. Just perfect for little ones on the go! The Fisher Price Learning Tablet powered by nabi is perfect for preschoolers as young as 3 years old. It’s available to purchase in the nabi shop and other popular retail outletsAges 3 and up – Retail: $99.99

Cubbeto Code and Colour

It’s never too early to get little kids coding! CUBETTO is the award-winning wooden robot that teaches coding to preschoolers, with logic packs that take coding to a whole new level. This is a Montessori-inspired playset and was designed to help children of all cultures learn the basics of programming using hands-on blocks, instead of text on screens. I love it! The educational wooden toy breaks down tasks into a logical sequence of steps to reach an end result, encouraging computational thinking. What’s nice is that this is an open-ended educational toy that helps little kids learn the basics of sequencing while building confidence as they play. Now Cubetto Code & Colour turns Cubetto into a drawing bot —  put the A into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and give your little kids the means of creative expression. This is the perfect toy for families who want to introduce their little kids to coding. And now with this extension to the award-winning wooden robot, Cubetto, little kids turn into graphic designers. This toy gives them the means to do an activity they already love in a brand new way – real-world coloring amplified through hands-on coding blocks. I’d say that this right here is coloring for the 21st century!

I really am impressed with the fact that Cubetto Code & Colour unlocks the power of hands-on play, while demonstrating that learning to code has just as much in common with arts and crafts as with computer screens. Pretty cool! Right? And coloring with code couldn’t be easier, simply attach pens to Cubetto using the Doodle Band, and the robot will draw line graphics in response to different sequences on the Control Board. The washable markers mean less mess for you to clean up, and the washable map allows little kids to start over and over again, opening up the possibility of an endless number of graphic design masterpieces. Ages 3 and up – Retail: $240 [Tweet “Check out this list of Stocking Stuffers for little #kids via @NYCTechMommy”]

Stocking Stuffers Little Kids Love

I’m always looking for fun stocking stuffer toys for my kids. You probably are too! That’s why I thought I’d add a few fun stocking stuffers ideas to this Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Little Kids. I mean, we can keep it boring with the usual things like candy canes, stickers and coloring books but I like to make it a little more fun. Below I’m listing a few of the little toys my own kiddos are obsessed with. These are the fun little toys that will be filling their stockings this year. I think your little kids will love these too!

Num Noms

My little girl has such a big sweet tooth which is probably why she’s so in love with these adorable little collectibles. And I don’t mind her having all this sweetness! 😉 A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms the perfect little treat!. To create your own flavor fusion, mix a Num and a Nom. It’s a recipe for sweetness with so many scented combos. Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes!

Num Noms Tea Party

I love these adorable little Series 4 starter sets. The Tea Party set is perfect for a sweet little tea party! Because what little kid doesn’t love playing tea party? The included scented nums are adorable, squishy little character that look like mini little cakes. The accompanying Noms are flavored, glitter lip gloss! It’s so much fun to stack the Nums (outer) on top of the Noms to make your own sweet scented combinations. This set also includes a cake server and cake stand. And I think this little set is the perfect little treat. Ages 3 and up – Retail: $9.99

Num Noms Lights Mega Pack Ice Tray Now, little kids can also wear their Num Noms as rings! What’s also fun is that these fashionable little Num Noms Lights really light up in two colors. And if your little kid loves ripping into those blind bags as much as mine does, you’ll want to get her a Num Noms Lights Mega Mystery Pack! This set comes filled with 12 Light Series 2 Num Noms — Gummy Bears, Candy and Slushies, scented Nums in a variety of flavors. What’s cool is that they all come packaged inside an Ice Cube Tray Display Case — a perfect place to keep and display once they’ve all been opened up! Ages 3 and up – Retail: $24.99

You can also purchase Num Noms in individual packs and add just add one or two to your kids’ stockings.

Num Noms Lights make great stocking stuffers


Mini Pickmi Pops

It’s not a lollipop, it’s a Pikmi Pop! Little kids will be delighted to find these little collectables in their stocking on Christmas morning. Pickmi Pops are just perfect for unwraping. When little kids unwrap a Pikmi Pop they’ll find cute surprises inside! Pikmi Pops are packaged in blind bag packaging that’s shaped like a lollipop. And what little kid doesn’t love lollipops?! Once little kids remove the packaging they reveal cute little surprises inside. And these little surprises aren’t only adorable they smell delicious too! Pickle Pops make great stocking stuffers Display the Pikmi plushie inside the lollipop or use the dangler string to hang the Pikmi little animal from a favorite bag, keys, phone, spiral note book, pencil case and more! There are over 45+ super cute mini Pikmi plushies to collect and they come in 12 yummy scents. Ages 5 and up – Retail: $10.99+ Pikmi Pops als come in different sizes. They even come in jumbo size, too large to fit in a stocking!

Whiffer Sniffers  

Here’ another set of fun little collectibles that little kids will love finding in their stockings! Whiffer Sniffers are fun yummy-scented plush characters that little kids can clip from backpacks or lunch boxes. They’re not only perfect as back to school gifts. They fit right in as a fun and delicious (because they smell so yummy) stocking stuffer treat! Ages 3 and up – Retail: $7.99 Blind Bags and Minis

Maybe your kid is obsessed with this game! After all the The game had 12 Billion game plays the first half of 2017. That’s why I’m sure that these make great stocking stuffers. Little kids will absolutely love finding these wiggly, bendable, squeezable little collectables in their stockings. What I really like is that there’s also such a wide variety of products to choose from when it comes to — blind bags, plushies, mini squishy, spinners, backpack clips and more. Which one will you chose? All of them? Ages 3 and up – Retail: $7.99+ Minis and Fidget Spinners will be available exclusively at Walmart December 1st to December 14th. Visit the BonkerToys website to learn more. Stocking Stuffers

Mayka Toy Block Tape

To round off this list of great stocking stuffers, I have to mention a huge favorite at our house — Mayka Tape! Mayka tape is the original toy block tape that you can cut, shape, and stick just about anywhere to instantly transforms any surface into a building area for those toy blocks your little kids love so much. Stick it on walls, ceilings, furniture, anywhere and let imaginations go wild! I love it because it removes restrictions of where kids can build. That means it also their imagination isn’t restricted. If they can imagine it, they can build it with Mayka tape! And it fits perfectly in any stocking! Ages 3 and up – Retail: $12.99+ Mayka tape makes a great stocking stuffer Need even more gift ideas for kids? Check out last year’s Techy Gift Guide for Kids. You may also find some other cool toys for kids of all ages in this year’s 10 Top Techy Toys for Kids Gift Guide — published just a few days ago. You might want to even enter our Techy Toys Holiday Giveaway for your chance to win a very cool techy toy for your own kiddo!

Now as promised here’s a fun giveaway to help you stuff those holiday stockings with some fun little toys. Forget those boring coloring books and candy canes. We ve got you covered!


Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids Giveaway

As promised, now here’s your chance to win a few of the fun stocking stuffers featured in this post. To help celebrate the gift giving season we are giving away a variety of the stocking stuffers for little kids from this gift guide to one lucky NYCTM reader! Our Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids Giveaway includes: (2) Num Noms Lights ($20) (2) Blind Bags and/or (2) Mini Squishy Slither Mystery Packs ($20) (1) Teletubbies DVD – Title: Big Hugs ($9.99) [Tweet “I just entered to win this #stockingstuffers #giveaway via @NYCTechMommy & you should too!”]

How to Enter to Win Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids

Leave a comment letting me know why you would love to win this Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids Giveaway! Comment must be completed before other entry options are counted. This giveaway starts November 28th at midnight EST and ends December 5th at midnight EST. Entrants must be USA residents and at least 18 years old. One winner will be randomly selected by from all qualifying entries and contacted via the email they provide. The email will come from [email protected]. The winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck! Enter to win using the rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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