Sue's Tech Kitchen - 3D Printed S'mores
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A Delicious STEM-Inspired Experience at Sue’s Tech Kitchen

Have you heard? There’s a delicious new STEM-inspired experience happening right now over at Sue’s Tech Kitchen. This new tech-fueled dinning experience created by Randi Zuckerberg, technologist, bestselling author, STEM advocate and mom, is a STEM-inspired adventure not to be missed!

The entire family will enjoy this interactive family-friendly pop-up filled with sweet treats and a wide array of fun STEM activities for all ages — a high-tech food court, a tech toy play zone, and a VR-Cade. It’s a NYC holiday treat you don’t want to miss! I mean, really. Who could pass up 3D printed s’mores? We had all the fun eating and playing at Sue’s Tech Kitchen this past weekend. Let me tell you all about it!

It was a delicious STEM-inspired experience at Sue's Tech Kitchen - see all the techy fun we had, including eating al the 3D printed s'mores

Currently taking place at The Tata Innovation Center (formerly known as The Bridge) at the Cornell Tech campus on NYC’s Roosevelt Island, you can find tickets and more info about Sue’s Holiday SpecTECHular on It’s happening every weekend now through January 1st.

The moment I heard that Sue’s Tech Kitchen was coming to NYC I just had to buy tickets to go!

Not in NYC, no worries! Sue’s Tech Kitchen is going on national tour so you should be on the look out. It’s probably headed to a city near you very soon.

How to Get There

If you’re in NYC, the funnest way to get to Sue’s Tech Kitchen is by traveling on the Roosevelt Island Tram. This was our first time riding the Tram so it was a really fun and exciting ride from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, over the East River, and to Roosevelt Island. The entire family enjoyed the ride and stunning views. From Manhattan, you can board the Tramway at 59th Street and 2nd Avenue.

Going for a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram

Riding the TRAM to Roosevelt Island

You can also ride over to Roosevelt Island by Car, Ferry, Bus or Subway. It all just depends on where you’re traveling from. The F train travels to Roosevelt Island and if you’re traveling from Queens you could also just hop on a bus. Ferry rides from Astoria and lower points of Manhattan are also an option.

A Delicious STEM-Inspired Experience at Sue’s Tech Kitchen

At Sue’s Tech Kitchen kids cook up STEM skills and sweet treats. We had a blast cooking up 3D printed s’mores and pancakes. We even enjoyed science-inspired edible helium-filled taffy balloons, light-up cotton candy, and liquid nitrogen infused cereal. You’ll have to check out our video below to see all the yummy fun!

Designed by a NASA scientist, this techy kitchen is sure to delight even the youngest of foodies! But what’s truly awesome about this pop-up STEM-inspired experience is that it offers so much more than a cutting-edge dinning experience. Here families can connect in new ways and together learn and engage with the technologies of tomorrow — code a robot or go on a VR adventure! Kids of all ages will be inspired and engaged and that’s probably what I loved most about it!


It was great to find a place that sparked both of my kids’ imaginations! With a six year age difference between them, it can be challenging to find activities (and family outings) that engage them both.

Sue's Tech Kitchen - building clay circuits

Here at Sue’s Tech Kitchen my toddler had fun playing with play-doh and building play-doh circuits while my 9 year old played a Minecraft game on a Piper Computer — a build your own computer kit that enables kids to build and code, and tap into their imaginations. Instructions for building this DIY computer are given through Minecraft, which you already know my little guy is obsessed with. What’s nice is that as kids progress through this game, they develop technical skills, coding skills, use their imaginations, and create amazing things, build electronics and learn physical computing. A great way to empower kids to build their own computer and electronics while playing a game they already know and love #Minecraft. Also,a great xmas gift idea if you ask me!


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The kids also had a blast coding a robot together! We were excited to see Primo Toy’s Cubetto at Sue’s Tech Kitchen since it’s on our list of top toys for little kids this holiday season! This Monstessori-inspired wooden playset teaches programming basics to preschoolers through hands-on blocks, instead of text on screens. I love it!

Primo Toys Cubetto

There was also a Slime Bar that the toddler really enjoyed.


And a VR-cade that was right up the big boy’s alley!


And the kids even worked as a team when it was time to enjoy a sweet treat. My big boy 3D printed some s’mores and our sweet-toothed little toddler had the best time eating it! The boy isn’t much into sweets so she made sure to eat for the two of them. Ha!

Sue's Tech Kitchen

Sue's Tech Kitchen - 3D Printed S'mores

Sue's Tech Kitchen - Eating 3D Printed S'mores

As for the 3D printed pancakes, those were my fave! If only making pancakes were that easy! Every mom should have a gadget like this in the kitchen. Could you imagine how much sweeter our mornings would be if we had a robot to make breakfast for us? Just imagine!

Sue's Tech Kitchen - Pancake Robot

Sue's Tech Kitchen - Robot Pancake

The hubs, he was all about the nitrogen infused cereal, because dragon-breath. And my son made me eat a helium-filled taffy ballon which I didn’t mind at all since I love candy. Plus the kids got a real kick out of hearing my squeaky helium voice. So much fun!

While the kids were fully immersed in all the fun I was even able to wander off and get a little holiday shopping done. Sue’s Tech Kitchen has an adorable little gift area where you are sure to find fun kid’s books and geeky gear, perfect for the kids and other geeks in your life.

Sue's Tech Kitchen gifts

Tech Will Save Us is one of the partners at Sue’s Tech Kitchen. This UK based company offers a wide array of make-it-yourself kits that spark creative imagination through hands on technology. They offered up a little gift shop set up too and I made sure to snatch up an Electro Machines Kit and a Thirsty Plant Kit because I knew my kids would really enjoy those. Now I’m thinking I’ll probably also end up ordering the Electro Dough Kit and Mover Kit because those were really fun too! And if you use discount code ‘XMAS25’ on their website right now through December 20th you can score 20% of everything!

Sue's Tech Kitchen - Tech Will Save Us Kits

Our experience at this specTECHular family-friendly pop up kitchen is one we won’t soon forget. I dare to say it’s one of the coolest places you can visit in NYC this holiday season.

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And guess what? What’s even cooler is that we got to meet the amazing Randi Zuckerberg! It was such a wonderful surprise to walk into Sue’s Tech Kitchen and find her greeting guests at the door. She was super friendly and so down to earth and I was just so happy to be standing in the same room as this kick-ass lady boss! Can you say #ladybossgoals?! I’m so inspired by all she does and her passion for bringing STEM to kids and families is something I just adore.

But you already know how much I love everything and anything STEM for kids! My friends, take the kids to this STEM-inspired experience at Sue’s Tech Kitchen. They’ll have a blast! And chances are you’ll have a little fun too!

Meeting Randi Zuckerberg at Sue's Tech Kitchen





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