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Hands-On Science Kits From Generation Genius Make Learning Fun

Summer is the perfect time to take a break from traditional learning activities and find creative ways to keep kids engaged in learning. With the help of monthly science experiment kits from Generation Genius, parents can make learning fun this summer. It’s crucial to make learning enjoyable during the summer because it helps prevent learning loss as kids explore new interests and skills. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some really fun hands-on science kits to help you make learning fun and engage kids in fun science experiments for kids this summer.

Read to the end of this post to find out how you can try Generation Genius this summer and receive your first Generation Genius science kit for FREE. Read on!

What is Generation Genius?

Generation Genius is an award-winning company devoted to teaching science and math topics and inspiring curiosity in kids, Kindergarten through 8th grade. Generation Genius includes a fun education streaming video platform that speaks to kids and is used in 30% of all schools in the United States.

DIY science experiments for kids - Generation Genius science kits for kids.
Image Credit: GenerationGenius.com

Recently, Generation Genius introduced monthly science experiment kits that are great for use in the classroom, at home if you’re homeschooling, or anytime you just want to add some fun learning to your family’s daily routine.

Generation Genius monthly science experiment kits are great for summer learning and a wonderful way to tackle the summer slide!

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What’s Included in the NEW Generation Genius Monthly Science Experiment Kits?

Get 3 mind-blowing experiments delivered to your home every month. Each monthly science kit includes fun experiences in chemistry, biology, engineering and more! Everything you need is included. And we love that enough material is included so you can try each of the experiments multiple times. All science experiments in these kits are safe — no fires and no explosions. Goggles and other protective gear is included.

Summer Learning with Generation Genius science kits for kids - DIY science experiments for kids
Image Credit: GenerationGenius.com
Generation Genius: What's included? DIY Science Kits for Kids
Image Credit: GenerationGenius.com

Generation Genius DIY Science Videos for Kids

Step-by-step videos are also included with each kit. Just follow the instructions printed inside your box to access your step-by-step instructional videos on the web. No boring manuals here!

DIY Science videos for kids - Generation Genius Hands-On Science Activities for Kids

Budding scientists get to follow along with Dr.Jeff, as his instructional videos walk kids through each experiment and show them step-by-step exactly what to do and when to do it. Easy to rewind or fast forward, so they’ll never miss a step!

Generation Genius - Hands-on Science Kits for Kids
Image Credit: GenerationGenius.com

What Age is Generation Genius for?

Generation Genius Science Kits are best suited for science-loving kids ages 9 through 13, with some adult supervision. However, if you’re working as a family, a younger child will probably still enjoy the science experiments in each kit. Just keep in mind that they will probably need mom and/or dad’s help to complete most of the tasks.

Generation Genius Hands-On Science Kits for Kids
We recently had so much fun trying out a Generation Genius science kit of our own.

Is Generation Genius Aligned to Common Core?

Generation Genius offers a neat Learning Standards Tool on their website that makes it super easy to identify Learning Standards for your particular state. By using this tool you can easily see which Generation Genius Science or Math Lessons are aligned to each Learning Standard by state. 

Also, Generation Genius science videos are produced in partnership with the National Science Teacher Association and are aligned to Common Core Standards.

What Can Kids Learn with Generation Genius Hands-On Science Kits?

Inspire your kids with the coolest science experiments! Once you sign up, Generation Genius science kits get delivered to your home every month and include 3 fun hands-on experiments your kids will love.

Generation Genius recently gifted us a science kit subscription box to try out. So far we’ve only tried the first hands-on experiment but can’t wait to try the other two later this month. We’re spacing them out for more fun.

DIY Science Activities with Generation Genius Science Kits for Kids - Make Glow In the Dark Slime using blacklight

How to make glow in the dark slime - fun science activities for kids

We had loads of fun making glow in the dark slime and learning how slime can be made from long molecules that get linked together. My little scientist loved this!

We still have two more experiments to try — making sand that is unwettable, and making instant blueprints. Remember, each box brings three different science experiments to try!

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The Best DIY Hands-On Science Kit for Kids

I’m sure you and your kids are going to love this as much as we did! Order your own Generation Genius Science Kit and explore three new science topics each month. Plus, each kit comes with enough materials for you to try each experiment more than once. Science is fun and your kids will have fun learning this summer with Generation Genius. Give it a try today!

For a limited time try your first science kit FREE! Get the Generation Science Kit delivered to your home with 3 fun hands-on experiments every month. On sale for a limited time only with 3, 6, and 12-month plans!

Try Generation Genius Science Kits Today!

Generation Genius inspires your kids with the coolest science experiments! Once you sign up, Generation Science kids get delivered to your home with 3 fun hands-on experiments every month. Easily manage and change your subscription anytime! There are so many different science topics included, like chemical reaction, physical changes and more.

Buy a Generation Genius Chemical Reactions Science Kit!

How Do I Know Which Hands-On Science Kit to Choose?

Still not sure? Take Generation Genius for a spin before you subscribe. Get FREE access to Generation Genius lessons and science videos for kids so you can see just how fun learning can be. Get instant access to standard-based videos, reading material, simple DIY activities, and more! Just enter your email on the Generation Genius website to be granted access to 5 lessons, including videos. It’s hours of fun!

Try a FREE Science Lesson from Generation Genius - fun science kits for kids - DIY science experiments
Image Credit: GenerationGenius.com

Each lesson includes online quiz games, exit tickets, discussion questions, related reading, and more. To make it even easier for teachers and parents to use, each lesson gives you the option to copy google forms that already include quiz questions, discussion questions, and an exit ticket that can be used at the end of each lesson. If you’re not into using google forms, or if you’re using this at home, you can download a PDF quiz or play a solo game at home to check for understanding and share learning.

DIY Science Kits from Generation Genius

How to Get ONE Generation Genius Science Kit for Free

For a limited time try your first Science kit FREE! Get the Generation Genius science kit delivered to your home with 3 fun hands-on experiments every month. On sale for a limited time only with 3, 6, and 12-month plans!

For a limited time try your first science kit FREE! Get the Generation Science Kit delivered to your home with 3 fun hands-on experiments every month. On sale for a limited time only with 3, 6, and 12-month plans!

In conclusion…

Learning doesn’t have to be boring this summer! Generation Genius takes the guesswork out of science experiments and makes learning fun. These monthly hands-on science kits spark curiosity and can help create lasting memories while families learn together this summer. Each science kit is fun for kids and adults too!


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Get kids hooked on science this summer with fun learning kits from Generation Genius -- Kids will love summer learning!

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