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How to Plan a Night of Video Gaming for Your Family

When we think of family game night, board games usually come to mind but playing video games can be just as enjoyable when you play them together. Plan a night of video gaming for your family and use the game systems your kids love to make new connections and bond as a family. Video games can create new ways for families to enjoy time together while sharing an activity that the kids already love. Since family gaming night is big at our house I thought I’d share with you some tips on how to plan a night of video gaming for your family.

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Here's how to plan a night of video gaming for your family! When we think of family game night, board games usually come to mind but a night of video gaming for your family can be just as enjoyable.

How to Plan a Night of Video Gaming for Your Family

Set a Date

Pick a day and time when everyone is home and ready to play! Weekends may be best or maybe a Friday night when everyone needs to unwind after a long week. The rule in our house is no video games on school nights so by Friday everyone is ready for a little gaming fun! Decide if your night of video gaming will be a weekly family ritual. Or will you plan one family video game night per month. Mark your calendar!

Set the Scene

Choose the best place to play. It may be tempting to set up your kids gaming systems in their bedrooms. However, for little kids having their gaming systems in a common family space such as the living room works much better. This not only makes it easier to keep tabs of what kids are playing but it also makes it more likely that the rest of the family will play too! Eventually leading to video gaming for the entire family. You may assume that your kids want to play their games on their own, locked away in their bedroom. However, the reality is that kids most love it when mom and dad play too! Trust me, playing Minecraft will make you the coolest mom!

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Also, you can set the scene by making sure you have everyones favorite snacks on hand. Choose easy snacks and ones the kids already love to eat, like popcorn. For our family, video gaming nights always fall on Fridays which is also pizza night. Pizza is perfect for Family Gaming Night! You can also get a little creative with the foods you serve and maybe even throw in some video gaming decor. Make it a video game party! Check out my video game Pinterest board for some fun ideas, including some awesome game controller cake pops!

Choose the Perfect Game…or Two

You may want to choose a multi-player game that everyone can play. Choose a family-friendly game that the entire family will enjoy. What’s your kid’s favorite video game at the moment? That’s always a good place to start. In our house it’s Minecraft so we often play that. If you are at a loss, there are also lots of trusted online resources that can help you find family video games and better understand video games to play as a family. These type of resources are also a great for helping you find age-appropriate games. Games should be fun but also just right for the little gamers in your family. Keep that in mind!

Family Gaming Night

Make Sure Everyone’s a Player

Beyond the console and game you choose, you’ll also need to consider having additional controllers on hand so the entire family can play. You may even want to choose customized controllers for each member of the family. You can even choose themed remotes or ones that are just right for little ones. Make sure that every family member can play!

Power Through

There’s nothing worse than losing power in your gaming controller right at that moment when the entire family is enthralled in the game. Having to find replacement batteries in the middle of a gaming session can drive you crazy. It may even cause a melt down or two if you have little ones. So don’t say I didn’t warn you! To avoid all this we choose Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries to power through our gaming sessions without interruptions.

Energizer & Family Gaming Night

To ensure your gaming session isn’t interrupted, power it with a reliable controller, operated at its peak performance, by using Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries, the #1 longest-lasting AA batteries. Also important to consider is that gaming accessories are expensive, so use the best batteries, Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™, to keep all your gaming accessories running at peak performance and prevent damage due to leakage. Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ AA batteries have a leak-resistant construction and are 33 percent lighter than alkaline batteries. By choosing Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ you won’t only be protecting your gaming device by preventing damage due to leakage but you’ll also ensure longer gaming sessions without interruption. That keeps everyone happy and #StillGoing during your night of video gaming!

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Go ahead and put away the board games and plan a night of video gaming for your family! Remember, playing video games together will create new opportunities for you to enjoy time together. Plus the kids will think you are the coolest not only for letting them play video games but playing them together!

Do you play video games as a family? Do you have any favorite family video games? Share them with us! Happy Gaming!


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