Meet the Founder series: Meet Edna Martinson, Co-Founder of Boddle Learning
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Meet the Founder: Edna Martinson, Co-Founder of Boddle Learning

Today, we launch our exciting NEW Meet the Founder blog series! Join us each week as we dive into the inspiring journeys of those shaping the future of education. This series is dedicated to inspiring you, sharing valuable insights, and amplifying the voices of those transforming education. We’ll explore the triumphs and challenges founders face, uncovering the incredible ways they’re creating new learning opportunities for our children and families. Today we’re interviewing Edna Martinson, Co-Founder of Boddle Learning.

So, get comfortable, and let’s delve into our first Meet the Founder interview. Here’s Edna’s story…

I first met Edna when my friends at Apple introduced her to me as a visionary app creator shaping the future of education. If you’re a regular here, you may recall that earlier this year we featured Boddle here on NYCTM as one of the Top Apps by Female Founders.

Edna Martinson, Co-Founder of Boddle Learning

Edna Martinson is a remarkable founder making waves in the education technology space. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, she came to the US at a young age to pursue her education, earning a Bachelor of Science in International Business at the impressive age of 16. Her career began in marketing and operations within the higher education and educational technology sectors, providing her with valuable experience before she launched Boddle in 2020.

Edna’s passion for education and fostering a love of learning in young children is evident in her work. Boddle Learning, the gamified math and ELA platform she co-founded, is designed to engage K-6 students and make learning fun. Edna’s recognition as a 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient in Education is a testament to her achievements and dedication to breatking barriers and making a positive impact. Her passion for helping young kids succeed academically has fueled her love for the education technology space.

Thank you, Edna, for joining us on the blog today. We are so inspired by your story and love Boddle—my own 5th grader is hooked!

To learn more about how Boddle can enhance your child’s learning experience, visit their website at

Read on to learn more about Edna Martinson and Boddle Learning.

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Meet the Founder series: Meet Edna Martinson, Co-Founder of Boddle Learning

Tell us about Boddle. What is Boddle Learning?

Boddle is a kids gaming platform for learning that uses AI to integrate math and ELA curriculum into 3D games to make learning fun and personalized for grades K-6 students and make delivering assessments easy for teachers. Boddle has grown its user base from 50K to over 7MM in the last four years.

What personal experience or observation sparked your idea for Boddle?

My journey to founding Boddle Learning was sparked by my personal experiences, moving from Ghana to the US at age 16 to pursue higher education and witnessing firsthand the transformative power of education. Observing educational disparities and challenges in various communities highlighted the urgent need for innovative solutions to bridge learning gaps. This inspired the creation of Boddle Learning, which uses gamification and AI to make learning engaging and accessible, helping students overcome educational challenges and enjoy their learning experience. My passion for education drives our mission to revolutionize learning and support every child’s academic success.

In what ways is Boddle disrupting the traditional education model? 

At Boddle Learning, we’re shaking up the traditional education model by making learning genuinely engaging and interactive through gamification and AI. Our platform transforms standard lessons into dynamic games that personalize the learning experience, addressing each student’s unique needs and pace. This approach not only makes education more enjoyable but also ensures that learning is more accessible and effective for everyone. By embedding these innovative technologies into our curriculum, we’re challenging the one-size-fits-all approach and helping students master their skills in a way that feels more like play than work.

Sign up for a free Boddle Learning account — A K-6 Math and English platform that turns practice and assessments into fun and interactive games.

What specific challenges do you see educators facing today, and how does Boddle address them? 

Educators today are incredibly dedicated, working tirelessly to engage students and cater to diverse learning needs, all while managing extensive classroom responsibilities. Boddle Learning helps address these challenges by bringing fun into the classroom through gamified learning that captures students’ interest and adapts to individual learning levels. Our platform supports these efforts with real-time analytics, enabling teachers to track progress effectively and intervene precisely when needed. By easing the administrative load and enriching the learning experience, Boddle empowers teachers to maximize their impact, acknowledging and amplifying their hard work in shaping future generations.

What will success look like for Boddle in the next five years? 

In five years, success for Boddle Learning will mean that our platform has become a vital tool in classrooms across the globe, where teachers not only utilize our engaging, gamified content but also contribute their own customized materials. We envision a community-driven platform where educators can upload their unique lessons, creating an expansive, collaborative library of resources that benefits all users. 

What exciting innovation or development can we expect to see from Boddle Learning in the near future?  

In the near future, we’re excited to launch a major update to Boddle Learning that allows teachers to upload and share their own educational content. This feature will empower educators to customize learning experiences further. We’re also enhancing our AI capabilities to provide even more personalized learning paths for students, ensuring that every child receives instruction tailored to their specific needs and pace.

What features in your app did you design to uplift and empower a community of learners —- girls, women, educators, students, parents, families, underserved communities, etc. 

At Boddle Learning, we’ve designed a range of features specifically to uplift and empower our diverse community of learners. Our app includes text-to-speech capabilities, a sketch tool for visual learning, and instructional videos that simplify complex concepts, ensuring that learning is accessible and engaging for everyone.

Boddle Learning - gamified learning platform for grades K-6

What do you hope for the next generation of girls and women in technology?

I dream of a future where the next generation of girls and women in technology feel empowered to lead, innovate, and shape the world without limits. My experiences as a woman in tech have profoundly influenced our approach at Boddle Learning, where we strive to connect meaningfully with our community, especially the many women who teach at the elementary level. We’ve introduced students to the exciting world of game design through virtual career days, inspiring countless young girls by demonstrating that they, too, can be tech pioneers. My hope is that these moments ignite a passion for technology in these young minds, encouraging them to envision themselves as future leaders, creators, and innovators in the tech space, breaking barriers and setting new benchmarks for what is possible.

To learn more about how Boddle can enhance your child’s learning experience, visit their website at

Thank you Edna for sharing your wonderful insights with us today. It’s been my pleasure sharing your story here on the NYCTechMommy blog. Thanks for agreeing to kick this off with us today! I can’t wait to continue sharing other inspiring stories as we continue our weekly Meet the Founder series. Learn on!

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