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Planning Your Summer Trip to NYC: How Technology Makes It Easier Than Ever

You use your mobile device to make a grocery list and get directions to a restaurant in town. Without your phone, you’d forget dinner dates, school field trips, and when you scheduled a dentist appointment. Everyone always says, “Can you remember what it was like before smartphones?” but can you really? Probably not. Traveling with a mobile device and wi-fi access is a game changer. 

There’s something a little romantic and nostalgic about traveling with nothing but a map, written down itinerary, and a hotel reservation you made months ago, but there are also so many things that can go wrong, especially when you’re visiting NYC. 

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Planning Your Summer Trip to NYC? Here's how tech can make the process easier...

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a week long trip this summer, here’s how technology can make your NYC trip planning about as easy as it can get.

Making Reservations Online

Spontaneity is fun when it comes to deciding what art museum to visit or which bagel shop to visit first, but it’s not great when you need to find a place to stay or even book a flight. 

While people have been able to make online reservations for years, being able to browse (and view) hotel rooms, and make a reservation all from the screen of your smartphone is still pretty amazing.

Technology is Your Own Personal Guide

Every wonder how tourists found their way around NYC before smartphones and other mobile devices? Today, not only can you get accurate turn by turn directions from your phone, but you can also track how many steps you’re taking, write a review on the bodega you just visited, and see if there are any available tickets for a show.

While many tourists to NYC take the opportunity to hire a local guide, technology only enhances your experience and can also help you keep you safer. 

Paying with Cryptocurrency

Traveling with “real” money or credit cards can be stressful. It can be difficult to keep track of and makes you an easy target for theft. While you can’t really visit NYC without taking some money along, the popularity and growth of cryptocurrency might make it easier to spend safely someday soon.

If you have Bitcoin, you might be able to use it while traveling, but don’t assume every retailer or establishment will take it in The Big Apple.

We are continuously glued to our mobile devices, always ready to tap, swipe, and repeat the process all over again. Why is this so?

Some “Must See” Family-Friendly Things To Do in NYC 

It’s virtually impossible to list all the “must see” things you should do when visiting NYC this summer, but here are a few things to help you get started. 

Empire State Building

You can’t visit NYC without visiting the Empire State Building (you can, but you might regret missing the opportunity). Is it a hassle to visit? It certainly can be, but if you plan ahead, make some reservations online, and pack light, you can enjoy this iconic landmark more than other tourists who are waiting in line.

Museum Visits

Arts, culture, science, all things weird? NYC has it all, and a museum is one of the best ways to experience all these things. Whether you visit the American Museum of Natural History or Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, buying tickets online and in advance can put you on the fast track to getting in right away without having to wait in long lines with bored kids.

Relief From the Heat

NYC can heat up pretty quickly on summer days. While museums, restaurant hopping, and shopping can help you escape the heat for a bit, sometimes you just need to get outdoors and embrace it. 

With plenty of water features and parks throughout NYC and nearby beaches, like Coney Island, your kids can experience a quintessential New York summer. We love the splash areas at Pier 25 and Pier 51 Play Area, and Chelsea Waterside (just to name a few).

Visiting NYC with Family

A Few Safety Tips

No NYC trip recommendations would be complete without a few safety tips. While your mobile device or phone will likely be your most used travel item, always put your phone away when crossing crosswalks or navigating congested areas. Being distracted by your phone can put you at a greater risk for an injury or accident.

Whether you’re traveling to NYC for the first time or you’ve visited dozens of times, always be aware of your surroundings, stay alert, take plenty of breaks, and always wear a supportive pair of walking shoes.

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