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Must Have APPs for Parents – App Review Part III

Must Have Apps for Parents - App ReviewSpecial Mommy Edition

Welcome back! This installment of Must Have Apps for Parents is dedicated to Moms!

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As we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow I want to give you an extra special little gift that will have you celebrating mommy-life all year round!  It’s a really cool app called MomCo. It’s the new must-have app for moms so you must check it out!   MomCo App - Must-have app for moms

MomCo is a FREE Social Networking App for Moms and the Businesses that Cater to Them. Read on to learn more about all the awesomeness that this app can bring to your life.

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂


Here are the 3 Main Reasons Why I love MomCo but there are so many more…

  1. Find Support  – Oh how I wish this app had been around when I had my first baby! Back then I was a new mom with very few mommy friends and lots and lots of questions, doubts, worries, panic-attacks.  Looking back today I realize just how badly I needed the support of other mommies back then.  The Forum section of this app is a great place to find the mommy support you need.  You can post questions and get answers from real moms who understand exactly what you’re going through.  It’s a great place to connect with mommies like you!
  2. Find Neighborhood Moms  – The geo-location feature of this app allows you to see moms and businesses that are closest to you first. It’s really nice to connect with other moms that are right in your area and form your own mom tribe.  By connecting with other moms in your neighborhood you can eventually meet face-to-face, get together for playdates and form real relationships.  Through this genius app I’ve already met some amazing mamas and can’t wait for us to meet for our first playdate!
  3. Find Playdates – Another reason I love this app is because it can help you connect with moms that have children in the same age range as your own.  It’s great for finding playdates for your kiddies.  Ever since I can remember my Big Boy has been super social and has always craved having other kids to interact with.  Before he began school, I remember him crying and begging for friends and playdates and me taking him to the playground on a daily basis just so he could find other kiddies to socialize with. Finding playdates was challenging and my heart ached for my Big Boy because I knew how badly he wanted to have a constant little group of friends to play with.  Now that I have my Baby Girl I know that pretty soon she’ll be asking me to find her playmates. I know that I will have a blast connecting with other moms and scheduling playdates through the MomCo app.  My Baby Girl will never crave new friends because mommy will always be well-connected to other moms on the MomCo app!

Go ahead, download the app for iOS or Android, create your profile and get in touch with other mamas.  Make sure to look for me in the Moms section.  I’m also listed in the Services area under Blogs.

Find my profile on the MomCo App


But if you’re still not convinced or simply want to learn more about all the awesomeness that this app brings, read on!  Below are so many more reasons why this app is a must-have for you and all the moms you know! So Spread the word on this Mother’s Day! Your mommy friends will thank you 🙂

MomCo App - Must-have app for moms

Even more reasons Why I LOVE It! 

  • Find Moms – MomCo helps you to connect with other moms that live close to you, have similar aged children and shared interests. Whether you are a new mom, new to the neighborhood, or just looking to make new mommy friends, MomCo can help you find new friendships and support from mommies like you.
  • Favorites Mom Feature – Moms can favorite other moms. This will help you track your favorite moms so you don’t need to scroll through the long list of moms to find your new friends.
  • Share and Get Support in the Forum – The MomCo forum is a great feature that allows you to safely share and ask questions  that only other moms can see. You can share pictures, your baby’s firsts, and ask for help with things that you might be struggling with. The MomCo app gives you a place where you will feel comfortable knowing that other moms understand and care about what you are going through. We all need a mom tribe! This app can help you build yours! 🙂
  • Find Business and Services – The service side of the app is incredible! Here you can find local classes, indoor playgrounds, babysitters, preschools, pediatricians, health spas, interior decorators, and any other local business that provides the services you and your children want and need. You can also check out the best blogs and websites for moms right from within the app.
  • Favorite Business Feature – Moms can favorite businesses. This will help you track them, so you don’t need to scroll through the long list of businesses when you need to find them.  It will also show you other moms that recommend that businesses.  This fantastic feature will even allow you to see how many times a business has been favorited.
  • Save Money through Deals – As a mom, I KNOW you are always looking for a great deal! The MomCo app can help you save money though exclusive deals offered by your favorite local businesses. If you have followed my blog you know that I live by Groupon.  Well, I think the MomCo app does a much better job when it comes to providing the specific deals that moms want and need.
  • Stay Current with Local Events – Stay current with fun local events that are happening right in your community. Events in your area are added by local business and by moms like you so you will never miss what’s happening within your community.
  • Stay Current with Product Recalls – MomCo will send a push notification to moms when there is an important product recall that you should know about. I think that’s just genius!
  • Safe Environment and Positive Experience for Moms – MomCo ensures that moms have a positive experience and that the app is a safe environment for you to connect and share your honest feelings and needs. All moms must register using Facebook to make sure that only women sign up. (Sorry dads!) In addition, businesses do not have access to the mom side of the app. If a mom is both a mom and has a business, she will have access to both sides of the app, but is prohibited from soliciting.
  • Privacy Feature – You can keep your profile private if you wish. Other moms will only be able to view it once a friend request is approved.
  • Ability to Participate in Giveaways/Contests – MomCo runs fun contests and offers giveaways on an ongoing basis. Moms will be alerted through the newsletter, social media, forum posts, and occasionally through push notifications. What mom doesn’t love a giveaway or contest?

MomCo App - The new must-have app for moms


Want more reasons to LOVE it? (cause I just can’t stop raving about it!)

MomCo - an app created by moms for moms
Click the pic to learn more about MomCo and these amazing ladies

MomCo was founded by San Diego moms Jillian Darlington and Beth Bryan in 2014. The MomCo app was inspired by Jillian’s own experiences as a new mom trying to connect with other moms within her community.  She was also an owner of an indoor playground trying to find a way to advertise locally while staying within her budget. These mompreneurs founded the MomCo app based on the idea of Moms Helping Moms and everything that these two ladies do supports that mission.  In addition to the MomCo app, MomCo has a popular blog that provides info and tips to help moms and make their lives easier.  Head on over to to check it out.  MomCo also loves to support other mompreneurs, so they have a Mom on a Mission feature on their blog that focuses on moms that are doing great things that people need to know about.  MomCo also contributes to other websites geared toward helping parents and entrepreneurs and they are beginning to provide workshops and speaking engagements as well.  

There are just so many reasons to LOVE MomCo and their new app! Sorry for the long post but how could I not share it all! It’s just complete mommy awesomeness all around.   Looking forward to connecting with you on the MomCo app! 🙂

Would love to hear from you! Are you already using the app?  How do you like it? Or did you just download the MomCo app?  Have you connected with other moms already? 


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