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How to Build Healthy Sleep Patterns for Infants & Finally Get Some Sleep

Are you a mom or dad excited about your new parent status but struggling to get baby to sleep? Are you a mom on the run, always feeling sleep deprived? Maybe this whole sleep thing's got you feeling anxious and a bit lost? You're not alone! Today's guest post shares tips on how to build healthy sleep patterns for infants. Read on to learn more! * This is guest post by Emma Kelley * How to Bu...
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Mom on the Run: The Working Mom’s Guide to On-The-Go Gadgets

Want to give your children the best care possible but your busy career prevents you from doing so? Juggling multiple roles as a mother and professional can be really challenging and stressful, but know that you can use technology to make things a lot easier for you. Today's guest post shares a list of on-the-go gadgets to help you get it all done! *This is a guest post by Andrea Bernice Roth* ...
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Top Five Time Saving Cleaning Tips Every Busy Mom Needs to Know

Today I have some time saving cleaning tips for busy moms to share with you! There's just never enough time in a day! Mommies, I know you can relate! Is your to-do list so long you cringe at just the thought of it? I know, #momlife is hard, really hard! So much to do and cleaning is usually the last thing I tackle on my list. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean home, it's just the process I d...
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Must Have APPs for Parents – Little Peanut on the Go

Must Have App for Moms
Must Have APPs for Parents - App Review Part V In a few weeks the family will be heading out on an exciting road trip to Sandusky, Ohio. I'm taking the family to the Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point, but that's for a whole other post. The husband and I absolutely love a good road trip but this will be the first time that we are traveling with two kids, one of them under the age of one.  We wi...
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The New Must-Have App for Moms

MomCo - The Must Have App for Moms
MomCo is the New Must-Have App for Moms! Have you downloaded it yet? This morning the TODAY Show will be sharing a story about why moms are using apps  and other services like speed dating to find mom friends.  And guess who's featured?  I sure do hope you're watching! MomCo was founded by San Diego moms Jillian Darlington and Beth Bryan in 2014. The MomCo app was inspired by Jillian’s...
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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

A Picnic Birthday Party makes a great summer celebration - Check out my 5 tips for planning the perfect summer birthday party - Click the link http://www.nyctechmommy.com/planning-the-perfect-summer-birthday-party/
Glad you stopped by because I have some super simple tips to share that will help you plan the perfect Summer Birthday Party. My son's birthday is once again quickly approaching. This year as I begin planning his birthday party I'm keeping in mind what worked well last year and what I should try to do again this year. My son was born on a perfect summer's day. It also happened to be the ...
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My City – Play in New York City Summer Series

Get a NYC view from Governor's Island
NEW YORK, NEW YORK A CITY SO NICE, THEY NAMED IT TWICE Summer is almost here! Time for our family to step outside and have FUN in New York City! There are so many FUN places to explore, from parks to playgrounds, beaches to islands, museums to FUN shops, NYC has it all! Come and explore with us! :) Allow me to introduce you to a my city, New York City! The slide-show below will give you j...
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Mom Balance: What It’s Like to be a Working Mom

What its like to be a working mom - FREE infographic
The infographic below illustrates how moms are balancing careers and family.  It's a reminder of the hard work and difficult choices moms have to make each day.  It's not easy to find Mom Balance! How do you find mom balance? What difficult choices have you had to make to find the right balance between your family and career?   Some people will argue that Mother's Day should be ...
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Celebrate Mom with the MomCo App

MomCo App - Must-have app for moms
Must Have APPs for Parents - App Review Part III Special Mommy Edition Welcome back! This installment of Must Have Apps for Parents is dedicated to Moms! Click below if you want to see previous posts in this series :) Must Have Apps for Parents I Must Have Apps for Parents II As we get ready to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow I want to give you an extra special little gift that will have you...
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