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Smart Home & Smart Toys: How Kids Interact with Tech Daily

Find time for screen free family time
Kids living in this digital age, with smartphones, tablets, and social media, know more about technology than you or I may give them credit for. It's likely that our kids interact with technology on a daily basis, and there's even research that shows that the average kid surfs the Internet by the time he or she turns three years old. What this all means is that we, as parents, have to stay on o...
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Includes Features Parents will Love

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Includes features parents will love
The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is almost here! Are you excited? Read today's Guest Post below to learn more about some of the neat features that parents will truly appreciate. The smartphone industry has been rather fascinating to follow in recent years because it's almost started to feel like the companies putting out the most influential products are on the verge of running out of ideas. There are...
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OH Apple How I LOVE You! Apple Announces NEW Products – September 2015

Apple Launches New Products
Apple announces new products! And I'm flipping out!  There is nothing I LOVE more than my Apple gear. I can't live without it!  My love affair with anything and everything Apple initially began in 2006 and it's been going strong ever since. (You can read about my tech journey here). The MacBook was my first love in terms of Apple products and since then my love for Apple products has grown ...
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The New Must-Have App for Moms

MomCo - The Must Have App for Moms
MomCo is the New Must-Have App for Moms! Have you downloaded it yet? This morning the TODAY Show will be sharing a story about why moms are using apps  and other services like speed dating to find mom friends.  And guess who's featured?  I sure do hope you're watching! MomCo was founded by San Diego moms Jillian Darlington and Beth Bryan in 2014. The MomCo app was inspired by Jillian’s...
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SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick – Product Review and Giveaway

The NEW SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive - Review and GIVEAWAY! Follow the link for details -
Disclosure:  All opinions, experiences, ideas and photographs posted here are my own unless otherwise stated.  In order to facilitate this review, SanDisk kindly provided me with a FREE SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick.  SanDisk is also providing one FREE SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick to one lucky reader who will be randomly selected when this giveaway closes on August 14th, 2015.   This giveaway ...
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Must Have APPs for Parents – StoryCorps App Review

Must Have Apps for Parents - App Review
Must Have APPs for Parents - App Review Part IV Right before school ended my son learned all about immigration.  Since then we've been watching videos about the topic online and reading a variety of books too.  We even took a trip to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  His teacher also asked him to interview a family member born outside of the United States.  He interviewed m...
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How Did I Get Here? – 10 years of my life with tech

I'm excited to be taking part in the Bodacious Bloggers summer blog hop! May’s prompt was for us to take our readers on a tour of where we live – check out the May blog hop here or take a tour of my city here.  This month’s prompt is to recap highlights from the last decade of our lives.  This month's prompt got me thinking... 2005 vs. 2015, my use of technology over the past 10 years has r...
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Celebrate Mom with the MomCo App

MomCo App - Must-have app for moms
Must Have APPs for Parents - App Review Part III Special Mommy Edition Welcome back! This installment of Must Have Apps for Parents is dedicated to Moms! Click below if you want to see previous posts in this series :) Must Have Apps for Parents I Must Have Apps for Parents II As we get ready to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow I want to give you an extra special little gift that will have you...
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Have You Heard About Online Minecraft Kid Camp?

What's your kid doing this summer? Mine is going to Online Minecraft Kid Camp! My six-year-old son loves playing Minecraft.  You can find him playing Minecraft or watching Youtube videos of others playing Minecraft on any given day.  At first I was a bit apprehensive about allowing him to spend all of his screen time on a video game.  I worried that I was allowing him to waste his time on ...
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