5 Resons to Go Screen Free
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5 Reasons to Go Screen Free Once in a While

Ever wondered what would happen if you and your kids decided to stay away from screens for a certain period, say one week? Would all of you experience things like anxiety, unease, or panic? Most families tend to spend around 9 hours a day in front of their screens, and they concur it might be difficult to reduce screen time. But there are many reasons to go screen free once in a while. Today’s guest post explores reasons why taking a break from screen time has its benefits. Read on!

This is a guest post by Betti Wilson.
5 Reasons to Go Screen Free

5 Reasons to Go Screen Free

During the multiple hours spent in front of screens, kids and also parents mostly engage in texting, browsing, watching videos, visit social media platforms, etc. Why should you attempt to stay away from screens for a while? Take a look at these 5 reasons to go screen free and learn why this is a very important thing to do.

1) Reducing Screen Time – Helps Children Rediscover Real Play in the Real World

Screen attachment can’t be compared to real play in the real world. As per physician Dr. Stuart Brown, author of the book “Play,” real play’s a significant biological process in the brain that occurs in real three-dimensional life; not in virtual life. Real play needs interaction with hands, physical activity plus creativity that is absent with screen entertainment. The world of childhood screens has the ability to make your kid unfocused. There are so many reasons to play! Building something on a screen will certainly not bring the same brain benefits as playing with a ball, making something using clay, digging in the dirt, bungee jumping, among playing with their favorite toys, among other physical activities.

2) Improved Rest

When it comes to getting some good night’s rest, electronic media aren’t the ideal things to have close to you. This is as a result of the impacts of the screen’s light, which affects the brain’s production of melatonin, thus delaying sleep. Furthermore, we probably have the same habit of checking our phones or computers at night, something which results in us spending a lot of time with them, thus delaying sleep.

It’s also a normal occurrence for individuals to sleep with their mobile phones close by, which means that phone calls or text messages can wake them up. Probably the phone call or message might be invigorating or stressful (work emails, messages on social media, etc.). This will definitely lead to your sleep being disrupted. It is therefore important to avoid screens when it’s time for bed.

3) Reading Books

Unless your kid is utilizing a computer or tablet for educational apps, to read an article or an e-book, screen time could be time which could be spent reading an actual book. The most ideal approach to encourage your children to read plus cultivate a culture of reading books is to read to them and also with them. Create the perfect children’s reading corner. Then set a good example by choosing a few books for kids and start reading. Try to integrate reading into your kid’s bedtime routine and ensure your kid spends as much time with a book as he/she does with things like screen games. You can even choose books in a second language. “Children learn how to read and then they read to learn,” so goes the famous saying. Thus if your kid is on a screen rather than reading, then that’s a huge learning loss.

Mother and daughter reading a book & 5 reasons to go screen free

4) A Break from Screens – Connecting with Parents and Siblings

One of the things which is greatly affected when children plus their parents allow technology to have control over their lives is time with family. Instead of talking and engaging with each other, everyone’s busy looking at their screens. Allocating times plus places in your house that are free from screens, for example reducing screen time and conversing with each other during dinner is very critical. You can also plan for outdoor activities such as playing together and going to the park. Doing all these will assist your family in reconnecting and spending time with each other. You’ll be able to reset priorities plus relationships!

In addition, genuine face-to-face relations are very important. Having a screen-free week will enable your children to concentrate more on other individuals. Children need to have solid bonds with their siblings plus parents as opposed to being in front of their screens all the time.

5) It Offers a Reality Check

Reducing screen attachment enables us to assess probable addiction issues in our homes, plus reset our limits and set regulations. To shield us from the familiar ‘frog in the boiling pot of water,’ we require a reality check to reset our addictive behaviors. Reducing screen time for a while is the ideal time to begin!

Family and gadgets & 5 reasons to go screen free


These are great reasons to go screen free! Nowadays, it’s becoming difficult for parents to reduce the amount of time their kids spend in front of screens. Even the adults themselves are guilty of spending too much time in front of the TV with gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops. We must try to spend some time away from these gadgets as it would be beneficial to us in the long run. I think you’ll find these reasons to go screen free helpful. Now, which activities will you do during a screen free week?

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Nowadays, we all spend lots of time glued to our screens but have you ever wondered what would happen if you went screen free for a week? Here are 5 reasons to go screen free once in a while... Even your health will benefit from this!
Guest Post by Betti Wilson

Betti is a teacher and an awesome mother of three young boys. Aside from being a mom and an educator, she is a blogger, tech enthusiast, and freelance writer, who has written several articles regarding motherhood, raising her kids, and being a working mom. In her freetime she really likes reading, especially she enjoys some checking out some of the Top Mom’s reviews for the best toys for children online.


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