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Must Have APPs for Parents – Little Peanut on the Go

Must Have APPs for Parents – App Review Part V

Must Have Apps for Parents - App Review - Little Peanut On The Go - Follow the link to read my review

In a few weeks the family will be heading out on an exciting road trip to Sandusky, Ohio. I’m taking the family to the Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point, but that’s for a whole other post. The husband and I absolutely love a good road trip but this will be the first time that we are traveling with two kids, one of them under the age of one.  We will be in the car for over eight hours each way and will be living the hotel life for 4 days.  As excited as I am, I start to freak out each time I think about all the things I will have to prepare and pack before we head out.  In cases like this I usually make lists, which I sometimes misplace, check them twice and still find myself running around like a chicken without a head during the last few hours before departure.  I really need a better solution this time!

A new app was recently shared with me and as soon as I took a closer look I realized how helpful it could be in helping me prepare for our upcoming trip.  Now that I’ve given this app a test run I can tell you it’s pretty genius, easy to use and I think you will love it too, which of course is why I’m sharing it!

The app is called Little Peanut on the Go.  This mobile assistant for parents helps keep everything organized and everyone connected while parents,  children or the entire family is away from home.  Here is a cute little video that will introduce you to some of the reasons why its a must-have app for parents.

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Must Have APP for Parents Series - learn more about this week's featured app - Little Peanut on the Go, a mobile app to help manage your on the go lifestyle. Click the link - Little Peanut on the Go

Little Peanut on the Go lets you create packing and to-do lists, build care schedules to share with caregivers, and check in on your child’s day while away.

I’ve already started using this app to plan our upcoming family road trip.  I created my to-do list on the app, as well as a packing list for each of the kids and I’ve shared all of this with the hubby via email.  I am excited because my lists are all in one place now and I will have them at my fingertips to check off and double-check as we prepare for our trip.  Plus I’m holding the hubby accountable too! Hehehe! 😉 He got the email! He can’t say he doesn’t know what’s going on. 

I’m also excited about using this app in the future.  It will definitely make trips to grandma and grandpa’s a bit smoother.  It will also help ease my mind anytime I have to leave the kids with a care-giver (Like when I fly out to Boston in November.  That’s for another post too!).

Why I LOVE it?

  • Create profiles for your family, including parents, children, and include emergency information
  • Build packing lists and add notes and reminders
  • Create to-do lists and add reminders for important tasks
  • Build care schedules that include daily and special events
  • Share schedules and contact information with your children’s caregiver.  The caregiver will have access to the information in the plan they’ve been assigned, including your contact information, your children’s information, and your emergency contacts, doctors, dentists, and medical facilities. They will have the care schedule and a copy of the children’s packing list so they can be sure to send everything back home if necessary. The caregiver can even choose to set reminders for themselves for important items in the care schedule.
  • Connect with your children with photos and updates from their caregiver.

How much does it cost?

Little Peanut on the Go is a free download with a one time in-app purchase for parents who wish to share with caregivers. The app is free for caregivers.

Want more reasons to LOVE it?

Little Peanut on the Go was created by Karla Lemmon, a mom who was searching for a better way to manage her on the go lifestyle. I just love apps created by moms, for moms!  It’s also an award-winning app.  Little Peanut on the Go won MobDemo 2014, an app competition at mobility conference MobCon, and was featured at MinneDemo, a showcase of made-in-Minnesota technology, in July. Kuddos! 🙂

The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android.  Hope you’ll love it as much as I do and that it will simplify your family’s on the go lifestyle! 🙂

Do you have any tips that help you simplify your family’s on the go lifestyle? Please share them in the comments section.  

How does your family prepare for a road trip, a family vacation or a visit to grandma and grandpa’s? I would love to hear about your experiences.  Please leave me a comment in the comments section.  

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


Disclosure:  In order to facilitate this review I was provided with an app upgrade that waived the in-app purchase fee.  However all thoughts and opinions are always 100% my own.  I’m sharing this must -have app with you because I LOVE it and know you will too! 🙂


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