Mind-blowing inventions are created to assist in our daily tasks. Now, Hi-tech cleaning machines like robot vacuums have crept into our homes to help.
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Do Robot Vacuums Really Help Keep The Floors Clean?

I hope you’d agree with me when I say that technology has become a huge part of our everyday life. Mind-blowing and earth-shattering inventions are created to assist us in our daily tasks. Our homes are not left out of this trend. Now, Hi-tech cleaning machines have crept into our homes to help us with our home chores.

Today’s guest post will highlight one of these inventions — the robot vacuum cleaner.

This is a guest post by David Chambers

Mind-blowing inventions are created to assist in our daily tasks. Now, Hi-tech cleaning machines like robot vacuums have crept into our homes to help.

The fact that this line of products has managed to corner the market with their promising features has kept a lot of people keen to know if these gadgets would be an excellent buy.

The question right now is whether robot vacuums can perfectly clean the floor or not? Well, let’s find out.

Before we dive into that, let’s look at what a robot vacuum is?

What Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

In case you don’t know, robot vacuum cleaners are programmable machines specifically built to clean and scrub the floor without you pushing them around.

Technically, they are artificially intelligent unit programmed to give your house a fresh look. They work incredibly well on their own. With just a press of a button or a remote control, they are always on the go to keep your floor and carpet clean and neat.

The machine has been programmed to react to the signals it receives in your house. For direction, the robot cleaner uses collision sensors and infrared sensors to detect an object.

It sends a signal to the printer socket which allows the robot to know when it hits on something and consequently changes direction. Some of these machines can clean every nook and cranny of your apartment in both circular and spiral shaped patterns.

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum?

While robot vacuums were not created to replace traditional vacuums, they do come with unique features you won’t find in a regular vacuum cleaner.

The reason is that I can use the attached tool of a conventional vacuum cleaner to clean hard to reach corners of my house. So, most times the robot vacuum cleaner would concentrate on cleaning hard floors.

These are my 8 reasons why you need a robot vacuum at home:

  1. Cleaning the floors with a robot vacuum cleaner will not save you from a general cleaning, but it will make it much easier.
  2. You don’t need to be at home, the robot vacuum will clean everything without your participation. All you need to do is to program the device to clean your house at a specified period.
  3. For those who are physically disabled, the cleaning device will come in handy. Since it doesn’t require you to use physical effort to control the unit, it can work exceptionally well in removing dirt and keep your house gorgeously clean.
  4. Keeping the floors clean is extremely important, if you have small children. Robot vacuums will help you get rid of this routine.
  5. With a robot vacuum cleaner, your floors will always be ready for sudden guests.
  6. After a day’s work, you don’t need to clean the floors, you can devote this time to cooking dinner or playing with children. Your floors are already sparkling clean and neat.
  7. If your kid is tired of his toys, buy him a robot vacuum cleaner.
  8. You can buy one more for your pets. So, they won’t be bored in your absence.



Also, if your house has a lot of hard surfaces and shorter carpet floors, then this unit is ideal for you as well.

How I Tested My Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Initial data:
The area for cleaning is about 1000 sqft;
Two rooms, bathroom and toilet;
A combination of wooden floors, rugs, and tiles in the bathroom.

After pressing the “Start” button, the robot rushed to somewhere, as if it already has a plan for cleaning. Honestly, I doubted that it could get to some spots, but he did it. The problem was some pieces of furniture, such as a dresser and a nightstand. But it cleaned under the sofa and a bed.

There were some surprises. My robot vacuum has managed to close the door on itself in the toilet. It found out that it was too short to reach the handle of the door to reopen it. So, I had to save my new friend.

As a result, a little beast collected a bunch of dog’s hair and even some crumbs, moved the bowl for dog food to another place and safely went to re-charge.

There were a couple of spots where a robot vacuum could not pass, but I think that more thorough preparation of the territory is needed for it.

Although, these cleaning gadgets are pretty cool, do keep in mind that they aren’t going to do everything. Most of them are not good at cleaning the corners of your house. And of course, they don’t go upstairs.

Finally, as I mentioned above, robot vacuums can’t replace conventional vacuums. You still have to do a thorough cleaning yourself.

So, do robot vacuums really help keep the floor clean?

My answer is yes. They are the perfect cleaning tool for your house.

I’d say a robot vacuum cleaner is the best choice for anyone who has a busy schedule and doesn’t have that much time to do all the cleaning at home. Even when you aren’t at home, you can easily program the cleaning gadgets to clean your house at a specified time.

They are excellent at sucking up dirt with less effort. Just imagine the amount of time you’d save using this device.

The fact that you can be doing something else while the machine is busy cleaning your house makes it a brilliant invention.

This is a guest post by David Chambers

David is a blogger over at best4yourhome.com. There you’ll find him blogging about housekeeping, cleaning tips, organizing, household appliances etc.  He also runs a sale and repair of household appliances and home furnishings businesses.


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