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8 Cloud-Based Productivity Apps to Help You Find Work-Life Balance

8 Cloud-Based Productivity Apps
If you find your job mentally or physically draining, try combining it with raising a young family. Today I'll tell you about 8 cloud-based productivity apps to help you find work-life balance. You leave the office and come home to feed your kids, some of whom could need to be driven to (and collected from) football practice or choir recital afterwards. There’s also the possibility of needi...
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Must Have APPs for Parents – Little Peanut on the Go

Must Have App for Moms
Must Have APPs for Parents - App Review Part V In a few weeks the family will be heading out on an exciting road trip to Sandusky, Ohio. I'm taking the family to the Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point, but that's for a whole other post. The husband and I absolutely love a good road trip but this will be the first time that we are traveling with two kids, one of them under the age of one.  We wi...
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Simplify Your Life – 5 Tips for Busy Moms

If you’re a mom, you’re busy! Today I'll share with you 5 Tips for Busy Moms. It doesn’t matter if you work outside of the home or inside the home, we all know that there are never enough hours in a day to do ALL that you do! Simplify Your Life - 5 Tips for Busy Moms Schedule your Chores I'm taking the advice of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Ma here! If you're a Little House on the Praire fan like...
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