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FUN Easter Ideas During Home Quarantine

Let’s face it! This isn’t your usual Easter. I know we’re all bunkered down indoors this year but that doesn’t mean the Easter festivities have to be cancelled. Actually, it’s an even bigger reason for celebrating — making this as fun as we can for the kids and giving them a sense of normalcy! That’s why today I want to share with you some FUN Easter ideas during home quarantine. These are some fun and easy activities we’ve done in the past and I’m gonna use them again this year to bring a little joy to our time at home together.

FUN Easter Ideas

My kids are really looking forward to the Easter Bunny’s visit this year! Can’t blame them! In keeping with tradition, we’ll be doing Easter baskets — using whatever I was able to get my hands on this year. In the past I’ve shared some fun non-candy Easter basket ideas but this year we’ll be having all the candy! I figured this year we need the extra sugar to help us get by. 😉

Check out my Instagram stories to see how this year’s sugar-filled Easter baskets turned out!

I know Easter egg hunt events are cancelled but no one said we can’t have our own egg hunt in our yards, living rooms, whatever space you have. I’m already busy filling those plastic little egg thingys with jelly beans, stickers, fruit snacks, or whatever else I have on hand at home. Traditions are traditions!

I also plan to make some fun treats for the kids. Here are a couple we’ve done in past years. These are always a big hit with my kids and can be easily done at home with items you probably already have on hand.

Have you tried serving up Bunny Pancakes for Easter? Your kids will love these!

Bunny Pancakes Make the Perfect Easter Treat

I want holidays to be some of the most special moments my kids always remember. Especially during these uncertain times!

My kiddo loves pancakes, so of course, this year, I’ll be serving up Easter Bunny Pancakes once again. These adorable pancake bunnies will make our day together extra special this year. I know the kids will look back one day and remember sweet memories of holidays celebrated even during home quarantine!

The kids love these cute pancakes and you can make it even more fun by letting them help put these cute bunnies together on Easter morning!

Make sure to check out my past post for all the details on how to make your own cute bunny pancakes on Easter morning!

Dip-Dyed Marshmallows Make Super Fun and Simple Easter Treats

Who needs Easter eggs when you can have yummy dip-dyed marshmallow instead? YUM!

A few years ago we made these fun and sweet treats and this year we plan to make them again. My kids actually prefer these over coloring hard-boiled eggs. They’re fun and yummy! And super easy too!

Check out my past post to learn how to make dip-dyed marshmallow Easter treats. Your kids will love these!

Online Easter Games for the Win!

At the end of the day we’re all stuck indoors and have to make the best of it! Make all the homemade Easter treats and you’ll still have plenty of time to spare. So why not enjoy a little Easter gaming online?!

Here’s a great list of fun Easter websites for kids. Baby Chick Maze Easter Games Easter Games

These Easter-themed online games are sure to keep your kids entertained during your home quarantine Easter celebration. And what I love most is that they’re also educational. What better way to squeeze in a little Easter-themed learning from home while also keeping Easter traditions alive this year?!

Happy Easter friends!

In the days and weeks ahead I’ll continue sharing even more resources with you, including what’s working/or not working for us as we settle into this “new normal” during the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

You are not alone and we’ll get through this together! Stay healthy and well my friends!

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Don't cancel Easter! Here are some fun Easter ideas during home quarantine. They're easy and sweet and your kids will love these!

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