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How to Turn House Cleaning into a Workout – Infographic

We are all so busy that it can be difficult to keep fit. We work long hours and often come home to a mountain of tasks at home, so we end up putting off getting exercise. However, what if you turned all these tasks you do at home into a workout? Check out this infographic from a house cleaning company in Oklahoma City called HappyCleans as it shows you how to turn house cleaning into a workout.

Cleaning necessities such as mopping can burn some serious calories at 168 in just an hour. If, for example, you spent an afternoon mopping the whole house there would be no need to go to the gym!

Dusting is another task where you can burn calories and also tone your arms. It already burns 174 calories in an hour but can also help with tone if you add very light weights to your wrists. Dust can ruin a house and if you don’t keep on top of it, it can quickly get out of hand. Have a read through the full infographic now for more information on getting fit while doing household tasks.

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