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4 Reasons Why Red Wine is the Drink to Your Heart!

What comes to mind when you think of a sophisticated and classy drink? Today’s guess post talks about the benefits of drinking red wine and the 4 reasons why red wine is the drink to your heart. Read on!

Imagine, the beautifully crafted, majestic cabernet glass held tightly between your fingers as you elegantly walk through a party space. What comes to mind? It surely has to be the Red Wine in your glass.  As it owns the most unique color, has the wondrous aroma and the grandeur to prove that with age things get only better. It is hands down the most classic drinks of all times! It’s also one of the most expensive drinks and it’s surely worth it. Owing to all this, it’s considered the most sophisticated drink. You can’t deny that!

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Amazingly, you might be unaware but red wine has major health benefits that few other alcoholic drinks have. Wine has the potential to keep your heart healthier, thereby giving you a much longer life with a healthy heart.  You just read that line again, didn’t you? Yes, it’s true. I will tell you how and what makes wine special and helpful to your heart health.

4 Reasons Why Red Wine is the Drink to Your Heart

Red wine is made of ripe black grapes which are fermented and aged for years before they reach you. Grapes are handpicked and processed through giant machinery where they are crushed, cooled, fermented and stored for aging before being bottled and sold as wine. For the process of aging, they are stored in oak barrels and kept for years. Wine taste keeps getting better with age. Also, the wine gets its enticing aroma from the crushed grapes, its skin and pulp, that means there’s nothing which is externally added. 

Grapes have proanthocyanidins, numerous compounds, antioxidants, tannins and resveratrol which makes wine a drink with benefits. These components are the major beneficial components that help improve health conditions when consumed. The information that follows will surely convince you that wine is the way to your healthy heart.

Presence of tannins help reduce cholesterol deposition

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? There is a quite a pretty large number of people who have cholesterol on the higher side and surely have been advised to stop any consumption of alcoholic drinks. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there proves to be a drink that will satisfy your craving for a drink as well as benefit your heart if taken in reasonable quantity?  It sure would be. Right? So here is the answer, the tannin compound prevents cholesterol deposition in the heart vessels and thereby prevents constriction which saves the possibility of future heart diseases.

Resveratrol prevents the blood from clotting 

The resveratrol compound present in wine helps reduce the LDL, which are the low-density lipoprotein, which if present enhances the formation of blood clots due to clumping up of the platelets. These clots might lead to arterial blockage resulting in heart attacks. Consumption of an appropriate amount of red wine helps in balancing the level of LDL with its counter compound resveratrol and improves the heart’s health. 

Improves the HDL level

The high-density protein, also known as the good protein helps is degradation of the already accumulated fats which might have gathered over the years. This directly also helps in moderating your blood pressure. Blood pressure has become the most common disease across the world nowadays. Among the many reasons, this is one. Wouldn’t it be pleasing if along with your share of drink at a party you gain something which proves to be helpful to your heart health?

The antioxidants make you look gorgeous

A large number of antioxidants are present in red wine and help combat the radicals present in the body that are born out of basic cell metabolism that takes place during the growth, development and aging process. These radicals stay in the body and encourage the aging process including the organs, heart, skin, and more. With a moderate intake of red wine, these antioxidants help fight against radicals resulting in slower degradation of the heart and other organs which in turn keeps you fit and younger for longer. Plus, as the radicals are reduced, it even makes your skin glow.

In conclusion…

There are many more positive qualities of red wine, as it helps reduce the risk of deadly disease cancer and even dementia. All that being said, it must be taken into serious consideration that only a moderate amount of wine is beneficial. Excessive intake might antagonize every useful factor and lead to the dire consequence of every other alcoholic drink.

However, it needs to be mentioned, that if you are suffering from obesity and have high cholesterol levels, do not consider wine to be your medicine. You have to put in a bit of effort and begin workout sessions. That will help burn and reduce body fat and gradually with care and diligence it will help reduce your cholesterol level too.


Apart from all the goodness, red wine proves to have a phenomenal quality that brings the most beautiful smile to the faces of loved ones and friends. Who doesn’t love and appreciate it when a loved one walks in with a bottle of France’s best red wine to celebrate a success, an achievement or any special day? Wine makes the achievement even more special and a splendid celebration that will be a memory for a lifetime. Thankfully, fines wines are now available online

In addition, sending gifts to far away family and friends has become easier and today people enjoy surprising friends with cakes, flower bouquets, chocolate, cookies, champagne, wines and other drinks (whisky and beer), chocolates, and much more. 

Red wine is surely the drink to your heart, not just for your personal consumption, but also for gifting and spreading joy, love, and happiness. This too contributes in part to keeping your heart happier and healthier. 

Guest post by Jessica Smith

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