Almost 56 million Americans deal with hair loss every day and 40% of them are women. Are you one of them? Follow my #PRP Hair Treatment Journey for more hair!
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Follow My PRP Journey for More Hair – 2nd Visit Update

Struggling with Hair Loss? Follow My PRP Journey for More Hair

Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared my struggle with hair loss and my experience during my first PRP treatment.  Today I’ll share some details of my second PRP Hair Loss Treatment with Dr. Rapaport, including some behind the scenes videos from our YouTube Channel. Are you following along?

Almost 56 million Americans deal with hair loss every day and 40% of them are women. Are you one of them? Follow my #PRP Hair Treatment Journey for more hair!

Disclaimer: I was supplied with PRP Hair Treatments on a complimentary basis by Dr. Rapaport. In order to test them first-hand. All opinions stated are my own.

My PRP Journey for More Hair

PRP Hair Treatment with Dr. Rapaport – 2nd Visit

If you’ve been following my journey you know that initially I had a lot of anxiety and was nervous about my first visit to Dr. Rapaport’s office. You also know that his team was extremely welcoming and friendly and they made me feel at ease.

For my second visit, all of my anxiety was gone and I was able to relax and feel excited about seeing my results and 1-month side by side.

Almost 56 million Americans deal with hair loss every day and 40% of them are women. Are you one of them? Follow my #PRP Hair Treatment Journey for more hair!

I’d already noticed that my shedding had stopped so at least I’m not currently losing any more hair. His assistants, as the last time, were super friendly and also excited to see my results.

Chatting with Dr. Rapaport

I spent a little time chatting with Dr. Rapaport and going over if I’ve noticed any changes, which of course I have. I shared with him that I’ve noticed the hair growth the most in the crown of my head. My hair has definitely gotten thicker in that area and I’ve noticed that I do not have as many bald areas in the back of my head. We then took my 1-month pictures and they drew blood to start the PRP process.

Dr Rapaport stepped out for a bit and called me over to take a look at my one-month side by sides and we were both excited to see that PRP is working for me!

Almost 56 million Americans deal with hair loss every day and 40% of them are women. Are you one of them? Follow my #PRP Hair Treatment Journey for more hair!

The Low Down on PRP – Does it Hurt?

For my first round, I chose to use the topical anesthetic to reduce the pain during the treatment. After realizing that it really wasn’t that painful I thought I’d give it a try without the anesthetic this time around.

I have to say that I might actually recommend you don’t use the anesthetic. I definitely felt the needles a little more but it was more of discomfort than pain. I did notice that it was a lot less messy and my scalp didn’t seem as sensitive after the procedure was done. This could be because it was my second round and maybe I’ve become use to a bit of the soreness. In any case, I think I will skip the anesthetic the next time as well! 

Check out more behind the scenes videos of my PRP journey for more hair by clicking here.

My Journey –  From NO HAIR to MESSY HAIR

Next time I’ll get into how just two treatments have boosted my confidence and made my daily routine a bit easier! If you’ve missed any part of my journey thus far, you can find all my previous posts by clicking here.

I hope you stay tuned and continue to follow my PRP journey for more hair!

In the meantime, you can learn more about Dr. Rapaport and his PRP Hair Treatment by clicking here.

Remember to use our unique NYCTechMommy discount code ‘PRPHair10Tech’ when booking your PRP appointment with Dr. Rapaport online and receive 10% off. Also, make sure to mention the discount code at the office when you arrive for your first visit so that they know I sent you.

Are you suffering from hair loss too? Comment with your biggest struggles below. You are not alone! And if you have any questions, send them my way. I would love to hear from you!

Signing off, for now ~ xo

Katty - NYCTechMommy Contributor


    • Katty

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for stopping by! It is definitely working for me!!! I feel like the pictures really don’t do it justice but when I look in the mirror and I see my hair I can definitely tell the difference. Surprisingly it really does not hurt. I was a little scared that It would but as I mentioned in my post this second time I did not use any of the topical anesthetic and although I did feel the needle it really was not painful. My scalp is a little sore the next day but no real pain. I hope you stay tuned and see my progress!

  • MommyJenna

    I have never heard of this before but I’m so glad you felt more comfortable the second time around! I know doctors can definitely strike our nerves! What an awesome thing to be able to do.

    • Katty

      Hi MommyJenna, I’m glad you stopped by! I had never heard of this either but I really wish I had a long time ago. It definitely would have saved me a lot of heartache! Dr. Rapaport is really awesome and I’m so glad that I chose him to do my PRP treatments. Him and his team have definitely made this so much of an easier process than expected. I’m super excited and can’t wait to share my journey with with all of you following my posts. Hope you stay tuned!

  • Jasmine

    So awesome that they have products like this for those who need it! Im not personally dealign with it but I did have some hair loss after my last pregnancy and I can see how it would affect your confidence. Best of luck!

    • Katty

      Hi Jasmine, thanks for stopping by! I’m also glad that PRP is available for hairloss. The best thing about it is that it is actually not a product, it’s Platelet-rich plasma from my own blood! I’ve tried so many products and none of them have worked for me, and some of them have made it worse. Hope you stay tuned and see my progress!

    • Katty

      Hi Rosey, glad you stopped by! I’m super excited that PRP is working for me and you are right, that 10% discount is definitely awesome! hope you follow my journey!

  • Laura B

    How wonderful that this treatment seems to be working for you! I’m glad to hear that you were less anxious on this second visit. Best of luck with the rest of your treatments.

  • Kerri

    Happy to hear that the PRP is working for you. It seems like by monitoring each month, you are able to see the results and changes that occur.

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