8 Practical Feng Shui Tips for Decorating the Living Room - Plus great resources to help you learn all about the rules of feng shui
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8 Practical Feng Shui Tips for Decorating the Living Room

A beautiful living room is a combination of intelligent planning, persistence and of course decoration! I shifted to my new apartment in Dubai a few months ago and chose to arrange it according to the laws of feng shui. Today I’ll tell you what I particularly looked at before arranging my living room. I’ll also share with you  some practical Feng Shui Tips for Decorating a living room. These are the tips I used myself!

* This is a guest post by Sadia Suhail

8 Practical Feng Shui Tips for Decorating the Living Room - Plus great resources to help you learn the rules of feng shui

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I started out by following the rules laid down by feng shui. These rules state that the major part of decorating a living room involves creating a space that will not only look fresh and attractive but also practical, clean, and one that reverberates with positive energy.

You can achieve this too! Just follow my practical feng shui tips below.

Practical Feng Shui Tips for Decorating the Living Room

Less clutter and more organization

Good feng shui thrives in a de-cluttered and clean environment. It’s common knowledge that clutter and good feng shui cannot co-exist.

Each time we place an item in our homes, it emits either a negative or a positive effect on our surroundings. Therefore, it is important to get rid of items which are not required so as to create more space and attract positive energy.

I did this by stashing away all extra items to storage. This helped in de-cluttering the living room and it gave me instant satisfaction. A cramped up living room needs to be organized and de-cluttered for the prevalence of good feng shui.

Allow more natural light and fresh air

After ensuring that my living room was now de-cluttered and well organized, I began working on letting in as much sunlight and fresh air as possible.

Allowing plenty of natural light and fresh air into the living room is one of the key foundations of good feng shui.

One simple trick which I used to allow more sunlight into the living room was to decorate it using mirrors. Mirrors are in turn powerful feng shui expressions which depict the element of “water”.

I also left the windows open so that fresh air would come in. Stale and polluted air coupled with low lighting are the biggest enemies of feng shui.

Create a welcoming space

Making our living rooms a welcoming space for our families, friends, and even pets is a challenge. The challenge arises when we keep on worrying whether things will remain intact and in the positions they were placed in after our families and friends use the living room.

If the above situation resonates with you, then it is bad feng shui. Good feng shui ensures that the space decorated serves its purpose and is both attractive and practical.

In my case, I made sure that I was communicating with my kids constantly to ensure that they lent a helping hand in keeping the living room in order and make sure everything stays in its place.

Selecting the right color scheme

Now that we have mentioned the general ideas related to good feng shui for living room decoration, including allowing in fresh air and natural light, let us move on to more detailed feng shui tips.

For ages, color has been viewed as the major factor that impacts an individual’s mood. In feng shui, each color expresses a particular feng shui element.

Choose colors that will make the living room look calm and cozy such as earthy and nourishing colors like yellow. Don’t be afraid to choose colors that make your heart sing. I chose to go with fresh tone pastels and pale yellow for my living room.

Defining and making use of the Bagua

The Bagua is a map used in feng shui to gauge the energy of a given space. In order to attract the best feng shui energy, it is imperative to define the bagua of the living room first.

Once you are clear regarding the feng shui point of your living room, you’ll be in a better position to choose the best suitable colors for the living room.

For instance, if the living room’s bagua point is the south, then it would be advisable to decorate the living room according to feng shui elements depicting Fire and Wood. The colors that would suit a living room with a south bagua point include; red, yellow, orange, green and dark brown.

Since my living room’s bagua pointed to the south I painted my living room with light yellow color with hints of gold.

The shapes and materials of items in the living room

The shapes and materials placed in the living room also affect feng shui in the same manner as colors do.

Again, selecting the best shapes and materials for the living room depend on the bagua. For instance, living rooms which have a north facing bagua will benefit a lot from decors with wavy shapes that depict the flow of water.

Create a balance

It is imperative that we decorate our living rooms with colors that attract maximum feng shui energy; however, completely disregarding other colors would be a mistake. I personally decorated my home with items of my personal liking too, rather than depending on specific Chinese décor pieces.

Good feng shui depends on a subtle match and mix of all colors and shapes which in turn are in line with the bagua of the living room.

The perfect arrangement of the living room

Now that we are done with the major aspects of feng shui for the living room, let us focus on the perfect furniture setting for the living room.

A perfect feng shui living room arrangement is one where one’s guests and families feel at ease. It’s a place with enough space to breathe and where all major design principles are put into practice. I made sure that my living room had enough space for my children to play easily without creating havoc.

Also, it is important to make sure that there is ample chi flow, also known as universal energy in the living room.

By considering the above feng shui tips for decorating your living room, you’ll be able to transform it into an auspicious area and one that reverberates with good luck and positive energy.

Guest Post by Sadia Suhail

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