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Key Tips on What to Consider When Giving Your Kid a Phone

Is your kid ready to have a cellphone? In this day and age, most parents would give their kids the privilege to be exposed to the world of technology. It’s just about right since it has many advantages and it enables kids nowadays to learn faster than ever. Information through gadgets is also more accessible so it can help them in their daily lives. To most moms and dads, giving their kids a cellphone is obligatory since it can be an essential tool in communicating. While it brings about many perks and conveniences, it also has a number of downsides. So if you’re a parent who’s currently deciding whether it’s time to give your kid a cellphone or not yet, today’s guest post shares great tips on what to consider when giving your kid a phone.

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Here are some key tips on what to consider when giving your kid a phone.

Key Tips on What to Consider When Giving Your Kid a Phone


1. Assess if your child needs a cellular phone. Parents sometimes debate if it’s time to give their kid a phone. This is a healthy discussion because it means you’re thinking it through and you’re striving to be aware of the effects it may bring on your child. So take your time before you get him one because you don’t want to end up regretting this in the long run.

2. Use it as a mean to bargain. It may seem negative, but this is a very effective way in making your kid obey. Of course, your intention here is to teach him to complete his responsibilities on time with diligence and enthusiasm. You have to make him look forward to his reward, and that would be a cellular phone. You’ll be surprised how motivated he can become. This is a subtle way of imparting on him that there’s something to gain out of the good deeds he does. By this, he will always work hard for the things he wants to achieve.

3. Orient your child on what the cellular phone is primarily for. It’s essential to remind your child time and again that you’re going to give him a phone for the convenience of tracking or communicating with him easily; especially if your child is already a teenager and he needs to call you due to a sudden emergency. This will be beneficial to you since you can also easily call him when he’s not at home. This way, your kid will see that having a cellular phone is a necessity rather than a luxury or an entertainment tool.

4. Make him promise he won’t lose it. Kids lose their things almost always. For some reason, their stuff just vanishes into thin air every once in awhile. So if you’re getting your kid a phone, ask for assurance that he’ll take good care of it and not treat it as one of his easy-to-replace kind of things. This will definitely teach your child to be more responsible in terms of keeping their valuables intact.

5. Set rules. This is the most important guide since your child might eventually rely on his phone way too much. Setting rules in using it can be of great help in maintaining your child’s disposition. Examples are, limiting data cap per day or when he’s at home making sure he does his homework and projects first before allowing him to use his phone. Also, before getting him one, educate him about when and where it is appropriate to use his phone.

Kids and cellphones


1. Don’t allow your child to exceed mobile plan. Of course, your kid is still not aware of how much this will cost you, but it is important to never allow them to accumulate a bill higher than their mobile plans. This will prevent your child from losing control of his usage and it will also spare you the hassle of paying huge bills each time they arrive.

2. Never give your child a cellphone that’s too much for his needs. Since kids are probably up to date about the newest technology there is, you always have the option to give your kid the type of phone that is only parallel to his needs and consumption. This can stop him from being too engrossed on his new gadget as it might make him neglect his other priorities.

3. Do not allow your child to use his phone during bedtime. This tip is very important since it may affect the sleeping pattern of your kid. Any form of gadget can cause insomnia when being used too much, especially at night. Before getting your child a cellular phone, do him a favor by telling him this piece of information so he will know when to put it down. It’s a must to know that overusing it can disrupt his daily school and leisure activities.

4. Never allow his phone to be misused. While cell phones can be utilized for the good, it’s just right not to rule out the possibility that it can be used adversely, as well. Not that you should become intrusive to his privacy, but maybe you can check his activities once in a while just to make sure that he’s not using it inappropriately. Ask him questions if you can so you can have an idea on if he’s using it respectfully and responsibly. Giving your kid a phone should make things easier for you and your kid; not ignite temptations that might turn into a problem eventually.

5. Never violate the rules you set. This is your own little way of making sure your kid is disciplined in terms of using his phone. Don’t bend the rules just because the situation calls for it or because your child pleads. Simply try to show him that you are capable of following the rules you set. When you set a good example, it is highly likely that he will obey the limits you imposed. To avoid problems you have to teach your kids to be responsible while using cell phones.

As parents, there is always something to look out for as our kids are growing up. With the advancements of technology these days, it isn’t wrong to get them some gadgets as long as we can educate them on responsibly. By doing so, we can build trust overtime and be confident that these gadgets are more of a help rather than a distraction. We hope you this article with tips on what to consider when giving your kid a phone was helpful!

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