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Key Tips on What to Consider When Giving Your Kid a Phone

Kids and cellphones
Is your kid ready to have a cellphone? In this day and age, most parents would give their kids the privilege to be exposed to the world of technology. It’s just about right since it has many advantages and it enables kids nowadays to learn faster than ever. Information through gadgets is also more accessible so it can help them in their daily lives. To most moms and dads, giving their kids a cellp...
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Smart Home & Smart Toys: How Kids Interact with Tech Daily

Find time for screen free family time
Kids living in this digital age, with smartphones, tablets, and social media, know more about technology than you or I may give them credit for. It's likely that our kids interact with technology on a daily basis, and there's even research that shows that the average kid surfs the Internet by the time he or she turns three years old. What this all means is that we, as parents, have to stay on o...
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How Did I Get Here? – 10 years of my life with tech

I'm excited to be taking part in the Bodacious Bloggers summer blog hop! May’s prompt was for us to take our readers on a tour of where we live – check out the May blog hop here or take a tour of my city here.  This month’s prompt is to recap highlights from the last decade of our lives.  This month's prompt got me thinking... 2005 vs. 2015, my use of technology over the past 10 years has r...
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