Unique Gift Ideas for Him and Her
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Unique Gift Ideas To Make Your Loved One Happy

Looking for unique gift ideas for that special someone? This gift guide is full of unique gift ideas they’ll love. Read on!

How to Choose a Unique Gift?

When choosing a special gift you have to think outside the (chocolate) box! Don’t just choose one of the most popular gifts. Pick a present that speaks to your loved one’s unique interests. Whether you’re choosing just the right gift for her or the best gift for him, choose a unique gift idea that fits his/her personality. Think about the hobbies they love. What are their unique interests? Keep that question in mind and you’ll be better equipped to find the ideal gift. Plus, I know your special person will appreciate the thought you put into this gift and is sure to gush over the fact that you got him/her more than just a boring box of chocolate and some flowers.

Our list below can help you find some of the most unique gift ideas that he or she is sure to love!


For the Gadget Lover

NeoBuds Pro True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

The Edifier NeoBuds Pro Hi-Res Audio headphones are sure to be a hit with anyone that loves gadgets. As the first Hi-res certified earbuds and leading the way into the era of hi-fidelity audio, these new technology noise canceling earbuds from Edifier are an excellent value, particularly when it comes to sound quality, and offer up to 24 hours of battery life. The charging case and earbuds both support quick charging and just 10 min of charging provides 1hr of running time. Dust and water resistance, the NeoBuds Pro can be used without worrying about the sweat in exercise and the rain. Also includes three-microphone noise cancellation to ensure clear phone calls. Low-latency game mode supports gaming and always keeps the sound and picture synchronized which provides a smooth and pleasant gaming experience. Uses the companion Edifier Connect App for extra functions, including sensitivity adjustment, personalized EQ, sharing settings, personalized sound effects and exclusive voice choice.

Price: Regularly priced at $129

For the Gamer

Vertagear Gaming Chair

Love a gamer? Your gamer will love a Vertagear Gaming chair because of their unmatched comfort and each of Vertagear’s SL and PL Gaming Chairs easily adjust to fit a gamer’s preferences, movements and accommodates to fit various shapes and sizes, truly making these gaming chairs accessible and perfect for everyone. Designed with Vertagear’s patented “slide-in” hardware, assembly time takes mere seconds, truly making it a single person process. Made with ultra-premium high quality foam, which prolongs the lifespan of the chair by preventing deformities from wear-and-tear from extended use, these chairs adapt to the users unique body shape and never lose elasticity.

Visit the Vertagear website to learn more and choose the best gaming chair for your Valentine! And if you want to make this special gift stand out even more, choose the NEW PL1000 Pink Hero Edition chair. Not only will she love that this chair is PINK and just for her, but she’ll also appreciate your thoughtful gesture when she realizes you chose a special gift that supports an impactful partnership between Vertagear and Susan G. Komen® to help bring awareness around breast cancer research and prevention to the gaming community. Right now, order on the Vertagear website and take advantage of their Valentine’s Day sales and save up to $100 when you order by February 14th for delivery on or before Valentine’s Day.

Price: $279.99 – $700

For the Star Wars Fan

Sometimes suiting up can be such a bore! Why not accessorize your love’s look with a set of custom Star Wars themed cufflinks like these Death Star Cufflinks. They make a great gift that’ll have your valentine stylishly showing off his fandom, even at the office!

Price: $64.39

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For The Music Lover

Casiotone Digital Keyboards

Casio’s line of beautiful Casiotone digital keyboards are sure to impress your valentine. My own favorite is the NEW Casiotone LK-S450 model. This neat digital keyboard is perfect for any music lover because it can help them learn to play the keyboard with ease. It’s geared for beginners, with step-up lessons and a great key lighting system that guides users to practice at their own pace. It comes with a song bank of 160 preset songs and options to choose from 3 different lesson types. Easy to practice playing with either left-hand, right-hand, or both. Plus, this cool digital keyboard for beginner comes with a long list of other cool features, including many connectivity options. You can check out the Casio website to learn even more!

Price: $299

For the Eco-Conscious

Show some love to Mother Nature and your special valentine with these beautiful and earth-friendly gifts.

  • Hitch: a climate neutral certified, full-sized water bottle with a removable, insulated coffee cup hidden inside. With each bottle purchased, Hitch funds the planting of 1 tree through its partner One Tree Planted. Hitch also funds the cleanup and removal of 100 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean with partner Plastic Bank, who recycles these plastics and turns them into new products. ($65)
  • LastSwab: the first-ever sanitary, reusable cotton swab. Each LastSwab lasts up to 1,000 uses and comes in a case made from repurposed ocean-bound plastic that keeps it protected and makes it easy to carry on the go. It comes in two styles, one for cleaning and one for makeup touch-ups and application. ($12)
  • LastRound: a set of seven washable, reusable cotton rounds used to remove makeup and apply serums. Made from 70% wood fiber and 30% cotton, LastRound replaces 1,750 single-use cotton rounds. Unlike other reusable cotton pads on the market that are cloth, LastRound looks and feels just like the disposable kind. ($14)
  • LastTissue: the modern take on the handkerchief. One LastTissue pack contains six reusable tissues made from 100% organic cotton, fitted into a 100% silicone carrying case. With one LastTissue pack, you will keep the planet from more than 3,100 single-use tissues as well as their plastic packaging. ($24)

For the Gardner

K-IT sprinkler raisers offer a great gardening gift/home improvement hack that any gardner in your life will love. From KJ Ketterling — a Lego-inspired Sprinkler K-IT that revives your home sprinkler system in 4 easy steps — I absolutely love how a Dadpreneur turned his yard problem into a nationwide solution for households everywhere and it’s currently available nationwide at The Home Depot. Currently, also known as the dad-owned landscaping brand KJ Ketterling crafted a better way to water your lawn with a well-constructed sprinkler riser system. This simple sprinkler riser system makes maintenance a breeze, it was built on the concept: “Elevate, don’t excavate”. SO THIS MEANS NO DIGGING!!! This is the perfect home gardening gift set for a loved one with a green thumb! Gift this to your garden-loving, landscaping hobbyist, and they’ll love you forever because you just made their job of caring for their beloved garden a much easier one!

What is it? This is the first product that allows the rotor (sprinkler that pop up and moves/rotates) to be raised from the top. Leave the shovel in the truck, it is no longer needed. No digging, no dirt induction into the system, increased distribution uniformity, increased filtration. Easy, more cost effective, and a better way to raise a rotor head/sprinkler.

Available at: The Home Depot

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When choosing a special Valentine's Day gift you have to think outside the (chocolate) box. Our Valentine's Day gift guide is full of unique Valentine's Day gift ideas they're sure to love!
When choosing a special gift you have to think outside the (chocolate) box. Our gift guide is full of unique gift ideas they're sure to love!

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