We are continuously glued to our mobile devices, always ready to tap, swipe, and repeat the process all over again. Why is this so?
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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone

Continuous digital age developments have made owning a smartphone today’s norm. We are continuously glued to our mobile devices, always ready to tap, swipe, and repeat the process all over again. Why is this so? Why have smartphones come to be indispensable in our lives? Today’s guest post looks into reasons why you can’t live without your smartphone.

This is a guest post by Summit Shah

We are continuously glued to our mobile devices, always ready to tap, swipe, and repeat the process all over again. Why is this so?

Why Can’t You Live Without Your Smartphone?

This seemingly silent ‘addiction’ has caused many of us to spin through feelings of discomfort, boredom and even panic when we aren’t with our trusty smartphones. In addition, routine software and hardware upgrades for these digital devices have brought them to an almost indispensable status–it seems that we need our devices as much as food, water and shelter.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone

  1. Smartphones are able to integrate everything into one device

Back in the day, people needed a laptop to check emails, a cellphone to send messages, and a camera to take pictures. The smartphone’s power lies in its capability to integrate these functions and make them accessible in a single device. We can now use several applications to perform a wide variety of tasks. We depend on mobile devices due to their helpful features and multi-tasking capabilities. Nowadays it seems that the smartphone has become one’s personal assistant and going on without one often makes us feels inefficient.

  1. Smartphones are the main device used for social media applications

There’s also such a thing called social media addiction. This is when a person checks their personal feed over and over to check in on other people’s posts, or constantly updates their own profile to gain likes. According to an article in American Marketing Association, there’s an associated dopamine high when a person gains a “like” through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Since majority of us access our accounts through smartphones, being unable to use them can really set someone off when they constantly want to be present in the social media scene.

  1. Smartphones are the main call and messaging device

Although not a new feature to the smartphone, the original purpose of the mobile device was to send and receive messages on-the-go. Before the age of mobile devices, people would rely on the landline which is immobile and hardwired to a specific location. Beepers were also inefficient as a middleman was needed to send a message to another person. Mobile phones make it possible for people to have two-way conversations no matter where they are in the world. The smartphone’s ability to do this secured it’s spot in peoples business and personal lives. Today it appears that one must have a smartphone in order to effectively connect with the rest of society.

  1. The need for fast-paced information provided by smartphones

With information being accessible at a single tap, it is understandable that smartphones have helped people solve daily problems. Common tasks, such as finding directions, searching for traveling reviews, and locating how-to information for technical tasks can all be easily done through a quick internet search on a smartphone. People don’t consult encyclopedias anymore. It’s quite frustrating to not have access to quick information when your smartphone isn’t available.

  1. Our short attention spans need constant entertainment

Another power of the smartphone is its specialized apps, especially when it comes to video games. Now, users can enjoy apps for classic games such as Tetris, pinball, slots, and even newer ones like the ever-addicting Candy Crush, or Minecraft for the younger generation. The production of these types of smartphone apps have opened a new avenue for the gaming industry and new titles are constantly being released. Think about it! Without smartphones we’d be less entertained through games. There would probably be no quick fixes to certain moments of boredom when our attention span seems depleted.

Whatever the reasons are, it is important to maximize, and yet moderate our use of smartphones. Technology has its strengths, but we should also be wary of its weaknesses.

Guest Post by Summit Shah

Summit Shah is a specialist who has helped several companies integrate technology into their business. At present, he has helped over 20 companies in his several areas of expertise such as internet marketing, customer feedback solutions, data analytics, and product development. For more information about Mr. Shah, visit him on his website,  Summit Shah Tech.

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