Best Apps for iPhone - top apps by female founders
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Best Apps for iPhone: Top Apps by Female Founders

Did you know? According to the National Center for Women & Information, women make up only 25% of the tech industry workforce. Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s essential to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of women in various fields, including technology. Let’s celebrate women in tech with these Top Apps by Female Founders!

In today’s digital age, innovative apps have become essential to our everyday lives, often revolutionizing how we communicate, work, and navigate the world. Behind some of the most popular and groundbreaking apps are visionary female founders who have defied stereotypes and shattered barriers in the tech industry. From productivity tools to social networking platforms, these trailblazing women have created apps that have not only transformed industries but have also inspired a new generation of female entrepreneurs. Let’s take a moment to recognize and celebrate some of the best apps crafted by these visionary founders, showcasing their ingenuity and creativity. Read on!

Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Women in Tech with the Top Apps by Female Founders

Rootd is the go-to app for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, providing users with instant relief through a therapist-approved panic button, guided deep breathing, an anxiety journal, soothing visualizations, a stats page, emergency contact, and lessons.

TOP APPS BY FEMALE FOUNDERS - Rootd app - axiety relief app

2023 App Store Awards winner Too Good To Go is positively impacting the planet by allowing users to save tasty unsold snacks and meals straight from local shops, cafes, grocery stores, and restaurants at an unbeatable price. 

TOP APPS BY FEMALE FOUNDERS - Too Good To Go app ends food waste

Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, allowing users to discover popular experiences happening nearby. 

TOP APPS BY FEMALE FOUNDERS - Evenbrite - find event tikets easy

Boddle is an interactive 3D game that makes learning and practicing math exciting and engaging! Used by thousands of schools, teachers, parents and students, Boddle is proven to provide young learners with healthy screen time while providing adults with the insight and assurance of learning progress.

Top Apps by Female Founders -- Boddle 3D learning games for kids

Run Legends is an immersive multiplayer game designed to make walking and running more fun. It encourages players of all fitness levels to team up with friends to battle and overcome real-life anxieties.

TOP APPS BY FEMALE FOUNDERS - Run Legends - immersive multiplayer games that make walking aunning fun

Wysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that uses AI — written by therapists working with AI designers — to help users talk through difficult emotions and thoughts anonymously, anytime. With this app, you can unlock techniques that will help you cope with challenges.

APPS BY FEMALE FOUNDERS - Wysa AI powered mental health app

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