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mother’s day gift ideas

Why This Mom Wants All the Chocolate For Mother’s Day #OMGodiva

Call me old fashioned, cliche, or whatever else but this Mom wants all the chocolate for Mother's Day! Really, on what other day can I truly indulge in some gourmet chocolate deliciousness without the guilt? Or without the need to even share! After all, it's my holiday! A day to honor me and celebrate all the mom stuff I do around here! Right?! Including eating all the chocolates. I was recentl...
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Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Mom

You're probably still wondering what you should get that tech-savvy mom in your life.  You know we all have one of those types of moms in our lives! That mom that collects gadgets and is always up on her tech game.  That mom that's difficult to shop for because she's not easily impressed.  You know the one!  A set of PJs and a pair of slipper just won't cut it!  If you have one of those moms in yo...
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tech-Savvy Mom

Mother's Day is almost here! Do you know what to get the tech-savvy mom in your life? Let me share with you a few Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Tech-Savvy Mom. I want ALL of these myself! My husband is the sweetest guy ever and bless his little heart, every Mother's Day he spoils me with gifts. Most of the time I love them. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every single gift; big, small, amazi...
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