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3 Parenting Practices You Can Start Using Today

Parenting is the most fulfilling yet exhausting experience you will ever encounter. As you learn just how to deal with your child effectively, you may be left with questions on how you can improve and be the best parent you can possibly be. Although parenting techniques and styles will vary from parent to parent, here are 3 parenting practices by InnerParents you can start using today. Special th...
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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

Edible Arrangements Chocolate Covered Strawberries
February is here and you know what that means? I still have no idea what gift to give that special someone this Valentine's Day. Are you with me? The clock is ticking! Which is why today I'm helping you by sharing a few of my favorite ideas for last minute Valentine's Day gifts that won't break the bank. Not only have I included items that are a good deal. I've also included items that are sure to...
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For the first time ever, LEGO® LIVE is coming to Manhattan! This family-friendly show is a first of its kind and coming to the heart of the Big Apple at Pier 36 in NYC on Presidents Day Weekend, Feb 16–18th. This is a MUST for LEGO® fans! That's why I'm partnering with my friends at LEGO® LIVE so that you can win LEGO® LIVE tickets to check out the 3 to 7PM show on February 18th in NYC. Read on to...
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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone

We are continuously glued to our mobile devices, always ready to tap, swipe, and repeat the process all over again. Why is this so?
Continuous digital age developments have made owning a smartphone today's norm. We are continuously glued to our mobile devices, always ready to tap, swipe, and repeat the process all over again. Why is this so? Why have smartphones come to be indispensable in our lives? Today's guest post looks into reasons why you can't live without your smartphone. You know I can't live without mine! This is a...
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Paris with Kids: Everything You Need to Know

Paris with kids may seem overwhelming but is really doesn’t have to be. We recently took a family vacation to Paris and it was one of the most enjoyable vacations we’ve ever been on as a family. Honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would take this trip with the kids. Let alone that we would all enjoy it as much as we did! That’s why today I’m sharing with you everything you need t...
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Family-Friendly NYC Show: FunikiJam’s City of Hope

FunikiJam has created a winter show especially for kids and families. FunikiJam's City of Hope is playing OFF BROADWAY at the Actor’s Temple. It's final performance is on February the 11th 2018 and you don't want to miss it. I wanted to share this with all of you because my kids love FunikiJam music classes and had so much fun at their holiday show -- Holiday Beat! This is a post in partnership w...
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Win Tickets to See Shopkins Live!

Win Tickets to See Shopkins Live
It's FUN Friday and today I'm giving you a chance to win tickets to see Shopkins Live! Read on to the end of this post and enter for your chance to win a Family-4-Pack of tickets to see this fun family-friendly show at the location of your choice. Your little Shopkins fans will love this! THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED BUT YOU CAN STILL READ ON TO LEARN MORE! Shopkins Live! Shop It Up! is the first the...
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Our Top Travel Moments of 2017 in Photos

Beautiful Beaches of Punta Cana
Happy new year! We kicked off the new year on a travel high which is why today I wanted to share with you some of our top travel moments of 2017. I know we are well into 2018 already but getting into the new year has been a slow process for us. In part because we are still recovering from the holidays. (Are you still recovering too?) Also because it's taken us a bit of time to get back into our re...
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Homeschool Hacks: 4 Keys to Planning Your Curriculum

Planning Your Curriculum - Homeschool Hacks
Homeschooling is the decision to take your child’s education entirely into your own hands, and that can feel overwhelming. Choosing the curriculum, making sure you comply with state laws and making sure your children are learning can seem like difficult tasks. If you handle each one individually, and break them down into smaller chunks, they’re not so bad. Curriculum, perhaps the biggest part of ...
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Baby Proofing: Steps to Baby Proofing Your Home

Tаking ѕtерѕ tо bаbу рrооf уоur hоmе iѕ еѕѕеntiаl fоr bаbу аnd tоddlеr ѕаfеtу -- ѕtаrting whеn thеу саn mоvе аrоund оn thеir оwn. A good way to stаrt thе рrосеѕѕ is by gеtting dоwn lоw аt thе lеvеl whеrе bаbiеѕ аnd tоddlеrѕ ореrаtе tо idеntifу thrеаtѕ аnd dаngеrѕ. If you are looking to baby proof your home , today's guest walks you through all the important steps to baby proofing your home. Read o...
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Key Tips on What to Consider When Giving Your Kid a Phone

Kids and cellphones
Is your kid ready to have a cellphone? In this day and age, most parents would give their kids the privilege to be exposed to the world of technology. It’s just about right since it has many advantages and it enables kids nowadays to learn faster than ever. Information through gadgets is also more accessible so it can help them in their daily lives. To most moms and dads, giving their kids a cellp...
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Family Travel: The Secrets of Long Distance Journey with Kids

Family Travel Tips
The mere thought of hitting the road with little ones causes anxiety since we all know how hard it is to handle toddlers on a regular day, let alone during long-distance travel. Obviously, family travel is not just another day in your family life. It takes a bit of planning and most of the usual rules simply won’t apply. No matter if you're heading out on fun family road trip or hopping on an airp...
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