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Smart Home & Smart Toys: How Kids Interact with Tech Daily

Find time for screen free family time
Kidsย living in this digital age, with smartphones, tablets, and social media, know more about technology than you or I may give them credit for.ย It's likely that our kidsย interact with technology on a daily basis, and there's even research that shows that the average kid surfs the Internet by the time he or she turns three years old. What this all means is that we, as parents, have to stay on o...
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Screenwise: A Must-Have Practical Guide for Parenting in the Digital Age

Are you raising a digital native? Screenwise, this must-have practical guide for parenting in the digital age will empower you to become a media mentor to your child. It includes practical tips to help you better communicate with your child about their tech use, while fostering good tech use habits for the entire family. Learn how you can raise better digital citizens in today's ever-changing digital world.
Are you raising a digital native? If you're parenting in the digital age, I'm sure you are! Through the years I've often referred to my students, and my own children as "digital natives". People outside of the EdTech space often seem puzzled by my use of this term. It's a term I first encountered some years ago when participating in one of my first technology for education college course. Th...
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