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Top Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is Made for Summer

It's a fact that smartphone use increases during summer. In great part because we're all looking to capture and enjoy our best summer moments. For those of us looking to make the most of summer, the Galaxy S8 is made for summer! No matter where you're headed or what adventure your planning to embark on, today I'll share with you the top reasons why it's the phone you'll want to take with you this ...
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Includes Features Parents will Love

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Includes features parents will love
The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is almost here! Are you excited? Read today's Guest Post below to learn more about some of the neat features that parents will truly appreciate. The smartphone industry has been rather fascinating to follow in recent years because it's almost started to feel like the companies putting out the most influential products are on the verge of running out of ideas. There are...
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