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Fun kids party ideas, tips, and tricks to help you plan the best birthday party yet!

How to Organize a Perfect Birthday Party for Your Little Tech Lover

This generation of children has been surrounded by technology their entire lives. They don’t think the same way we used to when we were growing up. Today we're parenting in the digital age and most of their interests and the things they like to do revolve around some kind of technology. It’s only natural for your little tech lover to want to incorporate those things into his or her birthday party....
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How to Save Money With Brilliant Candy Buffet Ideas

Celebrating with a Candy Buffet? These helpful planning tips can help you prepare a beautiful and delicious candy buffet without blowing your budget!
By now you have experienced the fun and beauty of the Candy Buffet. Candy buffets have made their way into the mainstream party world as an alternative for the pastry table or dessert bar for weddings, parties, and all kinds of celebrations. Today's guest post offers tips on how to save money with brilliant candy buffet ideas for your next celebration. *This is a guest post by Wendy Dessler* ...
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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

A Picnic Birthday Party makes a great summer celebration - Check out my 5 tips for planning the perfect summer birthday party - Click the link http://www.nyctechmommy.com/planning-the-perfect-summer-birthday-party/
Glad you stopped by because I have some super simple tips to share that will help you plan the perfect Summer Birthday Party. My son's birthday is once again quickly approaching. This year as I begin planning his birthday party I'm keeping in mind what worked well last year and what I should try to do again this year. My son was born on a perfect summer's day. It also happened to be the ...
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