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Tips for Teachers

4 Ways Teachers Can Use ClassDojo Scheduled Messages

Today ClassDojo announced a new addition to their already terrific classroom management tool -- ClassDojo Scheduled Messages are here! And they'll make your job as a teacher so much easier. Let me tell you how! Remember to PIN THIS so you can share it with teacher friends! :) 4 Ways Teachers Can Use ClassDojo Scheduled Messages Looking ahead at upcoming events? Set a scheduled message to ...
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Challenge Your Kid Inventor with these Competitions!

Are you the parent a curious kid? One that's always exploring the world around them and coming up with creative ideas for getting things done? Maybe he or she dreams of becoming a kid inventor? Today I'll tell you about two very cool kid inventor competitions. Take this as a chance to encourage and challenge your kid inventor! Or maybe you're an educator and have one of those little dreamers si...
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Screenwise: A Must-Have Practical Guide for Parenting in the Digital Age

Are you raising a digital native? Screenwise, this must-have practical guide for parenting in the digital age will empower you to become a media mentor to your child. It includes practical tips to help you better communicate with your child about their tech use, while fostering good tech use habits for the entire family. Learn how you can raise better digital citizens in today's ever-changing digital world.
Are you raising a digital native? If you're parenting in the digital age, I'm sure you are! Through the years I've often referred to my students, and my own children as "digital natives". People outside of the EdTech space often seem puzzled by my use of this term. It's a term I first encountered some years ago when participating in one of my first technology for education college course. Th...
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Get #EdTech for Your Classroom with PledgeCents

Is there an EdTech tool you wish you had in your classroom? Don't know how you'd pay for it? PledgeCents can help you get #EdTech for your classroom.
Need #EdTech for your classroom? In today's digital age, more teachers are thinking outside the box and bringing EdTech (Educational Technology) and apps into their classrooms. The problem, however, is that these great tools can be costly, schools aren't always willing to cover these costs (or their budgets just don't allow it), and teachers are left either paying for them out of their own pocket...
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Groupon Coupons: BIG Savings for Back to School

Who doesn't love a good Groupon find! I use Groupon for everything - from family movies and dinner plans to date night and travel, gadgets, books for the kids and gifts for the holidays. I always find a good deal with Groupon! But did you know that you can find even more deals with Groupon Coupons, including BIG savings for Back to School! Fabulous! I know. I recently heard about Groupon Coupon...
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Educational Websites for Kids – Plus Infographic

I went out exploring the webs to find some new educational websites for kids. I was happy to come across a pretty cool infographic listing  fun sites for kids. I thought I'd share them with you today. It highlights 2 new websites I know my kiddo will love. It also lists some old favorites (Starfall and BrainPOP), so I won't go into real detail about them here. If you're a teacher like me, these...
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8 Educational Websites for Summer Learning FUN

Educational Websites for Summer Learning Fun - Help your kids avoid the 'summer slide' with these fun educational websites - infographic included
Now you may be asking yourself, but how do I keep them learning through the summer? One way you can do this is through online education. It's no secret that today's kids love technology and they're so tech-savvy too! So why not go ahead and engage them in learning through the 8 Educational Websites I'm about to share with you today. They're not only guaranteed to keep them learning this summer, bu...
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10 FUN Apps to Keep Kids Learning All Year Long

10 Fun Apps to Keep Kids Learning All Year Long - Here's a great list that will help kids get back to learning now that summer is done!
All NYC kids, including my kiddo, are now back to school! I still can't believe how fast this summer flew by! Now that school is in full swing, it's time to get back into learning (not that we stopped learning over summer). My Big Boy's carefree summer days of Minecraft are now long gone! Instead of spending most of his screen time on gaming, now he's had to shift his focus to learning. To help hi...
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ClassDojo Introduces Class Story

Back to School Blog Series - Resources, websites, apps, tips for getting your classroom ready for the new school year - click to learn more
It's time for Back to School! I know, I can hardly believe that summer flew by so quickly!   Just in time for Back to School, today ClassDojo launched at great new feature that I am so excited to share with you.  If you are a teacher I know that you'll love this because it will simplify the way you communicate with parents.  If you are a parent, you'll want teachers communicating ...
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PledgeCents Helps With Classroom Needs

Back to School Blog Series - Resources, websites, apps, tips for getting your classroom ready for the new school year - click to learn more
Please say it ain’t so… It’s almost time to head back to school in NYC!   As much as I don’t want summer to end, it soon will! The kiddos will be heading back to school, as will all my teacher friends. The other day one of those friends asked me for a little advice on getting ready for the new school year. Her questions got me thinking about all the great resources I could share, not on...
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Introducing Class Dojo Groups

ClassDojo Groups help you manage your classroom like a Ninja!
If you follow me on twitter (and you should!) you might already know that I'm now a ClassDojo Ambassador! Woot Woot!!! As part of my new Back to School - Teachers Series coming this August, I'll be sharing a lot more about ClassDojo. But in the meantime, I could not wait to share this with all of you... drumroll please! ClassDojo now offers Groups!!!! Yes! I know! That's just too cool...
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15 FUN WEBSITES to Keep Kids Learning This Summer

15 Fun Learning Websites for Kids
Today is the last day of school in NYC! Yay! We couldn't be happier! The carefree days of summer have finally arrived. But that doesn't mean learning has to stop. Below you'll find a list of 15 FUN websites to keep kids learning this summer. Still it's important to remember that learning cannot cease to exist once school lets out. It would be a huge disservice to our kids!  Studies have shown...
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