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Mommy Chauffeur: How to Take the Stress Off of Everyday Travels

Your children demand much of your time, and a large amount of that time with them can be spent behind the wheel taking them to and from their many activities. You've done everything to make it a quality time with your kids, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Today's guest post includes some simple suggestions to make your short trips a little easier and take the stress off of everyday travels. ...
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Toddler Girl on Spring Break – You’ll Be Happy You Packed This!

Are you taking your toddler girl on Spring Break this year? I am! I am so excited to be heading out with the family on Spring Break vacation in just a few weeks! And Baby Girl, she loves the beach just like her mama. :) Needless to say, packing for an entire family isn't always easy, especially when traveling with little ones. This year we're traveling to the Caribbean and I'm really tryin...
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Talking Finances with Your Family Doesn’t Have to be Scary!

Photo Credit: TIAA
Thank you to TIAA for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own. Talking finances with your family doesn't have to be scary! TIAA recently invited families, including our own to sit down and have a conversation about money to show that it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or stressful. Today I'll share with you my family's experiences talking finances. But before I share with you a...
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Challenge Your Kid Inventor with these Competitions!

Are you the parent a curious kid? One that's always exploring the world around them and coming up with creative ideas for getting things done? Maybe he or she dreams of becoming a kid inventor? Today I'll tell you about two very cool kid inventor competitions. Take this as a chance to encourage and challenge your kid inventor! Or maybe you're an educator and have one of those little dreamers si...
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Car Seat/Stroller Combo: Traveling with Baby & What You Need to Know

Traveling with baby can be a real experience! When you head out on a trip with your kid in tow, you’re going to need courage, confidence and, of course, a travel system for your child that is safe and easy to manage. * This is a guest post by Sophia Nguyen * Traveling With Baby? Tips for Traveling with A Car Seat/Stroller Combo When it comes to your child’s safety, you don’t want to cut corn...
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Save Money on Holiday Shopping with My Favorite App – Flip

FREE Apps to Save Money
Are you still scrambling to buy last-minute gifts? Not looking to break the bank? Today I'll share with you a FREE app to help you save money on holiday shopping and make it super simple for you to find great deals from different stores, all in one place! Save Money on Holiday Shopping with Flipp Flipp I'm not one to clip coupons or search through paper circulars. Because seriously, w...
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Techy Gift Guide for Kids – Super Cool Toys That Will Have Your Kids Flipping Out

I can hardly believe Christmas is almost here! Can you? In the past, I've shared gift guides for moms but this year as the holidays roll around, the new tech products I'm most excited to buy and gift are those for my kids. After all, isn't that what the holidays are all about? There's nothing like seeing their little faces light up with joy when they open that much-anticipated gift! It's magical, ...
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Starry Station: Manage Kids Screen Time Like a Boss

Manage Kids Screen Time Like a Boss - Learn how Starry Station's parental controls can helps you do just that!
One of my biggest battles at home is getting the kids, and the adults too for that matter (myself included), to get off their devices when they need too. Sometimes it's just plain hard to manage it ALL and still have the energy to fight those battles! But now thanks to Starry Station, a one of a kind touchscreen WiFi station, I can not only make sure my WiFi is working the way it should, but I can...
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Top Five Time Saving Cleaning Tips Every Busy Mom Needs to Know

Today I have some time saving cleaning tips for busy moms to share with you! There's just never enough time in a day! Mommies, I know you can relate! Is your to-do list so long you cringe at just the thought of it? I know, #momlife is hard, really hard! So much to do and cleaning is usually the last thing I tackle on my list. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean home, it's just the process I d...
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Share and Enjoy Healthy Savings with BushelBox

Looking for healthy snacks at big savings? Share and enjoy healthy savings with BushelBox - Find out how you and your friends can shop and save together!
Today I'll tell you all about how you can share and enjoy healthy snacks and savings with BushelBox. If you're like me you're always looking for ways to make your shopping easier, and cheaper! Right? One way I usually do this is by buying in bulk or by having my groceries delivered. No time to waste making trip after trip to the supermarket! Life is busy and I'd rather spend my time doing other...
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Have Kids? Protect Your Phone from Drops – InvisibleShield Glass+

Today I'll share with how you can protect your phone from drops with a new tempered glass screen protector. This is the perfect solution for keeping your phone safe during unexpected drops, or intentional ones -- like when your toddler goes into a full-on tantrum because the surprise egg YouTube video isn't streaming and flings your iPhone across the room. What? Yours doesn't do that? Well, you're...
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Tech Tips for a Successful School Year

Whether your little ones are in preschool or you have not-so-little ones entering college, here are a few tech tips for a successful school year
School is back in full swing, and now that you’ve adjusted to the new schedule, it’s time to look at ways you can make this school year the best one yet. Fortunately, there are a lot of tech tools available to help you support your children. Whether your little ones are in preschool or you have not-so-little ones entering college, here are a few tech tips for a successful school year. These are ju...
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