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Learn to Code with Tynker and Minecraft Education: Everything You Need to Know!

Tynker officially announced that it has been selected as Coding Solution for Minecraft: Education Edition. What does that mean? As of today teachers and kids using Minecraft: Education Edition can easily learn to code with Tynker and Minecraft! Code Builder, the new Minecraft: Education Edition extension is a game changer, my friends! Read on to learn more about this and other ways kids can lear...
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4 Ways Teachers Can Use ClassDojo Scheduled Messages

Today ClassDojo announced a new addition to their already terrific classroom management tool -- ClassDojo Scheduled Messages are here! And they'll make your job as a teacher so much easier. Let me tell you how! Remember to PIN THIS so you can share it with teacher friends! :) 4 Ways Teachers Can Use ClassDojo Scheduled Messages Looking ahead at upcoming events? Set a scheduled message to ...
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A Celebration of Kid Inventors with NYU and Autodesk

Today I want to introduce you to some amazing kid inventors, plus share with you loads of free STEM resources for kids and educators. Remember to pin this so you can easily access these free STEM resources later! Last week I had the pleasure of attending an awe-inspiring event at NYU Tandon School of Engineering's new MakerSpace in Brooklyn. In celebration of Kid Inventors' Day on January 17...
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Teachers and Classrooms Learn to Code with CodeCampus

Teachers can be coders! Teachers and classrooms learn to code with codeCampus -- completely FREE for K-6 teachers -- short & fun #coding lessons & activities
It's #TeacherThursday and today I wanted to take a moment to wish all my teacher friends a Happy Computer Science Education Week! If you're an educator, you've already heard all the buzz about coding. Maybe you're up on your computer game and are already coding in your classroom OR maybe you're completely at a loss since computers are not your thing. Not to worry! Teachers and classrooms learn to ...
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ClassDojo Big Ideas Video Series Teaches Growth Mindset

Big Ideas Video Series from ClassDojo teaches kids about Growth Mindset
ClassDojo Big Ideas video series is finally here!!  The first video in ClassDojo's Big Ideas video series is now available! ClassDojo has teamed up with PERTS (Research team at Stanford University) to develop five kid-friendly videos focused on developing a growth mindset. Click here if you want to learn what a growth mindset is and why it's important. Kids are sure to love these fu...
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ClassDojo Video Feature Brings Classrooms to Life

Are you a ClassDojo user? Have you checked out all their new exciting features that connects parents to what's happening in their kid's classroom?
ClassDojo has a new video feature coming soon to Class Story! I've been keeping this little ClassDojo secret for the past few days and I just can't contain my excitement anymore! I am so glad that I can finally let the secret out! As a ClassDojo Ambassador I'm always excited to hear about what's new with ClassDojo. I'm even more excited when I get to share it with all of you, my fellow mamas and m...
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ClassDojo Translate – Breaking Down Language Barriers

ClassDojo adds ClassDojo Translate to break down language barriers between classrooms and homes
ClassDojo adds ClassDojo Translate to break down language barriers between classrooms and homes. Teachers can now communicate with parents in over 30 different languages using ClassDojo’s new translate feature. How cool is that? ClassDojo, the fast-growing education company helping teachers create a classroom community with students and parents, today announced the addition of “C...
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ClassDojo Introduces Class Story

Back to School Blog Series - Resources, websites, apps, tips for getting your classroom ready for the new school year - click to learn more
It's time for Back to School! I know, I can hardly believe that summer flew by so quickly!   Just in time for Back to School, today ClassDojo launched at great new feature that I am so excited to share with you.  If you are a teacher I know that you'll love this because it will simplify the way you communicate with parents.  If you are a parent, you'll want teachers communicating ...
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Introducing Class Dojo Groups

ClassDojo Groups help you manage your classroom like a Ninja!
If you follow me on twitter (and you should!) you might already know that I'm now a ClassDojo Ambassador! Woot Woot!!! As part of my new Back to School - Teachers Series coming this August, I'll be sharing a lot more about ClassDojo. But in the meantime, I could not wait to share this with all of you... drumroll please! ClassDojo now offers Groups!!!! Yes! I know! That's just too cool...
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