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A Walking Tour of 34th Street & How To See the Best of Midtown Manhattan

As one of the most visited cities in the world, New York City offers an incredibly diverse range of things to see and do -- but how does one get it all in? I, myself have lived in The Big Apple my entire life and can't say I've seen it all, not even close! Today I want to show you how to see the best of Midtown Manhattan with one neat little app. The name of the app is Destination Midtown, ...
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6 Cleaning Gadgets That Will Help You Save Your Time

Today's guest post shares 6 Cleaning Gadgets to help you save your time when cleaning your home! You may have the entire family cleaning the whole house to save time and effort but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that general cleaning is pretty much a tiresome job to finish. Fortunately, today's wonders of technology are continuously flourishing and bringing us new innovations that provide assistanc...
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Stay Connected with Those You Love Most and DieHappy

Life gets busy! Many times I get caught up with things and I'm not as intentional as I want to be in doing the things that make me most happy, like finding the time to spend with the people I love. I know you can relate! But what if I told you could you could stay connected with those you love most through your very own personal social network? Well, there's an app for that! It's called DieHappy. ...
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Charge All Your Devices at Once with Atomi Charging Station – Review & Giveaway

How often do you find yourself fighting over the outlets in your home? Or maybe it's all those charger thrown about that drive you mad? Is it the tangled wires that get to you? And I'm sure the kids always forget to plug-in their devices and then whine when they discover they're out of power? Right? Drives me CRAZY. every. time! Today I want to tell you how I won my family's charging battles and i...
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Save Money on Holiday Shopping with My Favorite App – Flip

FREE Apps to Save Money
Are you still scrambling to buy last-minute gifts? Not looking to break the bank? Today I'll share with you a FREE app to help you save money on holiday shopping and make it super simple for you to find great deals from different stores, all in one place! Save Money on Holiday Shopping with Flipp Flipp I'm not one to clip coupons or search through paper circulars. Because seriously, w...
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Reasons Why Kiwi for Gmail is a Game Changer

I've been using Gmail for a long time. And not just for the blog, but as a teacher, and as a mom too! I have 3 accounts and juggling all of them isn't always easy. Opening multiple browser windows, signing in and out of accounts, forgetting passwords -- It gets so annoying, not to mention unproductive. Kiwi for Gmail is a game changer! It eliminates my Gmail triggered anxiety and gives me the desk...
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Families Learn to Code with CodeCampus

I thought it'd be fun for our family to take part in some fun coding activities together. Families learn to code with codeCampus so when I heard about it I knew it was the perfect way to get my entire family to try something new, have a little fun, and learn a little coding too (because the hubs and I really do have no clue). We started using codeCampus earlier this week and what I love most abou...
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Starry Station: Manage Kids Screen Time Like a Boss

Manage Kids Screen Time Like a Boss - Learn how Starry Station's parental controls can helps you do just that!
One of my biggest battles at home is getting the kids, and the adults too for that matter (myself included), to get off their devices when they need too. Sometimes it's just plain hard to manage it ALL and still have the energy to fight those battles! But now thanks to Starry Station, a one of a kind touchscreen WiFi station, I can not only make sure my WiFi is working the way it should, but I can...
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Have Kids? Protect Your Phone from Drops – InvisibleShield Glass+

Today I'll share with how you can protect your phone from drops with a new tempered glass screen protector. This is the perfect solution for keeping your phone safe during unexpected drops, or intentional ones -- like when your toddler goes into a full-on tantrum because the surprise egg YouTube video isn't streaming and flings your iPhone across the room. What? Yours doesn't do that? Well, you're...
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Screenwise: A Must-Have Practical Guide for Parenting in the Digital Age

Are you raising a digital native? Screenwise, this must-have practical guide for parenting in the digital age will empower you to become a media mentor to your child. It includes practical tips to help you better communicate with your child about their tech use, while fostering good tech use habits for the entire family. Learn how you can raise better digital citizens in today's ever-changing digital world.
Are you raising a digital native? If you're parenting in the digital age, I'm sure you are! Through the years I've often referred to my students, and my own children as "digital natives". People outside of the EdTech space often seem puzzled by my use of this term. It's a term I first encountered some years ago when participating in one of my first technology for education college course. Th...
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SuperSuit: The World’s First Wearable Gaming Platform

NEW SuperSuit, a wearable gaming platform that can reduce screen time while increasing social interaction and outdoor physical activities. Ready to see it?
Today SuperSuit introduced the World's First Wearable Gaming Platform with the launch of their crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. And I'm super excited about it! Read on because today I'm gonna tell you all about this neat and innovative wearable gaming platform that I agree is the future of gaming. Are you raising a family of gamers? I am, and not by choice, honestly. I'm not much of a g...
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Must-Have App for Family Road Trip Packing – Little Peanut On the Go

Must-Have App for Family Road Trip Packing - Little Peanut on the Go is a mobile assistant app for parents that helps keep everything organized and everyone connected while parents, children or the entire family is away from home. Lets you create packing and to-do lists, build care schedules to share with caregivers, and much more.
Summer is here! For our family, that means it's time to head out on some FUN family road trips. As excited as I get about these road trips, I start to freak out each time I think about family road trip packing - all the things I will have to prepare and pack before we head out. In cases like this, I usually make lists, which I sometimes misplace, check them twice, and still find myself running aro...
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